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Friday, July 16, 2004

I dont get it.....I mean I GOT it, but I dont GET it

Ya ever have the feeling that someone is really pluking your ya pluck back , and your pluck was actually better than theirs  - their feelings get hurt, making you questions whether it was at all worth the trouble?  That's my feelings about the internet Dad's list Im on.  I perceive that Im being poked, I poke back..and end up feeling bad that MY jab was straightforward, while theirs were round houses.  Maybe it's time to boot the list - just like I booted the ANIMAL CHANNEL from all the tv's in the house (the keep showing pets injured, and then they die...I get very upset at this).  Since I got rid of an online game I used to play (it was fun, and a great diversion from the real world - untill it started taking up a LOT of time!) Ive been able to do ooodles of stuff around the house. Got an old, crappy car mechanically sound - installed seats and such in the same car, caught up on some reading, got some cleaning/organizing done bla bla bla.  Wonder how much else Id get done if I didnt check the email so frequently.  Maybe I'd get that new addition approved and built?  Hmmmmm
*************(Worth game playing was after all were asleep   and never NEVER interfered with any function  regarding family or spending time with the baby. I even wore a headset, so i didnt wake the baby - but could hear and respond lightnigly quick if he cried.  Most nights, I'd respond - rock him back to sleep - and the wife never knew it - and she was able to sleep thru thru night)
Darth Logan: Had a wonderul day with him.  Wife had college skool class, so we met up with her for lunch.  Twice today, Logan tried to tell me when he had gone poopy.  BOth times, he was fussy before hand, so I completely missed the point when he tried to tell me bout the doodoo.  The second time, I tol dhim to stop being fussy - and he walked over to the bag of diapers, took one out, and beaned me in the head with it.  I looked up and saw this little light come on...I finally got the message.
HEARSE: Aint done squat.
Taekwondo: Still got one more trial day to go - but it just seems to keep getting better.  each class has been exciting, mad  e me sweat like a pig, raced my heart faster then seeing Jenny McCarthy nude, and made me feel included.  I'm still new, and feelign my way around "what is expected" and "What did he just say?".  Slight language barriar - Im familiar with Japanese terms, and just need to adjust to Korean ones.  The Y class called a certain form "Il Jang" - it is the first in a series of 8 or so. The series is called Teaguk - and the new place simply calls it Taeguk1.  Subtle differences I'll get over time.  On more class to try out there - but I think I'll stay for a while.  Just need to find a damn uniform that's a decent "weight" material. Spent all that time, effort, and money into getting really nice karate gi's, that are usless now (cept to wear as pajamas..that's kinda neat!)
OH oh oh   Almost forgot - the big deal breaker on staying......can't (shouldn't) have anything Japanese, so I asked the Grand Master to write "dada" (what Logan calls me) into Korean characters, which I put on a newly made headband and wore tonight.  They didnt make me take it off. Some people even asked about it (nice conversation starter).  Think I may really like it here.
Time to get a snack and settle down for the night.  A mom has requested a special appearance by "Big Box", a Sponge Bob Square pants complimentary character  - tomorrow.  I better check on the costume, and make sure it's presentable.
Night all....


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