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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Breaking point !!!

Man, I really don't know how much more to the edge I could get today, without having a clue of what's going on.   Let me preface this by saying that I the day started (7am-5:45pm) wonderfully.  Took the baby to the store - stopped for lunch - had a good old time.  He didn't want to take nap, but was pleasant  - so it wasn't a big issue.  He gave me time to do what I needed, while he sat and watched a Babar dvd for over an hour.  I don't think I could have asked for a nicer day (cept that we didn't go to the zoo- maybe  we'll do that tomorrow).
  THe wife gets home - I hand off the baby - and go to yet another scheduled meetings with Master "Office Lady" at the TKD place.  I got tons of questions, all written down.  Where do I begin to talk about where this went wrong?
1.  She calls me into the office, and has 2 other people (black belts), sit on a couch 3 ft behind me, for the meeting.   They are not involved, just there cause she was talking to them, and will talk more once she'd done with me.   This was uncomfortable.  Having 2 people behind you, listening to your every word, but not involved or participating.  I started asking  - she started answering.  The "$90 a month - pay as you go" that the Grandmaster told me about - turned into $125, and then there were all the contract variations - "12 mth, 18 mth, 1 yr , 2yr, 3yr, standard or Blackbelt club -"  Blackbelt club means you get invited to picnics (whoopee) and can coem to the weapons class on Saturdays (neat).  I asked what weapons they taught, and this is where things started to go to shit.  She mentions a few weapons - so I asked about sai and tonfa.  She mentioned the original ones again - not answering my question.  SO I reworded it, and she got pissed.  I asked, in the 16 yrs that she had been there, had she ever seen anyone use sai or tonfa (I even described what they looked like).  She flew off the handle, turned beat red, and started pacing in the office - that she doen't know everything, and she can tak eme over to ask the Grandmaster (interupt class) if I like, bla bla bla.  She also got pissed when I said that the sai were not "chineese forks" as she called them, but were Okinawan SAI - Japanese.  Again, this was an example of how Korean arts have a Korean chip on thier shoulder.  She sits down, slams the contract on the desk , and says" Look - if you want to train here, then sign - if you don't , then don't...Im not going to force you " - and she said it really angry like.  I was in disbelief.  Nah - she didn't just do a potencial client, a new student.  Unfuckinbelivable.  I treid to backup, and explain what I said - tryin to see where she misinterpreted it...but it was useless.  She told me that she has to discipline people - and if I acted that way out on the mat, she would have to take issue with my attitude.  I told her that I'd be just as obstinent on the mat, if everyone asked me to sign a 3 yr contract.  She couldn't get it thru that damn thick skull that I wasn't meaning to be insultive (not then , at least -  now Im pissed, when writting this) -and that as a potencial student, I simply had questions.  I got a 30 min lecture on all that she does, and doesn' t have time to know everything.  hooooollly shit.  When i said that I had had enough - and was finished, she saw the sale slipping away, and tuned really nice all of a sudden.  But still had to get digs in on how disrespectful I had been.  This was NO WAY to conduct a business meeting.  And this really sucks.  I told her that I had been nothing but respectful during the 4 trail classes, as well as during our meeting.  She kept saying "Just try one month - try us out"  I told her that I had tried it out - and had enjoyed all the experiences WHILE ON THE MAT.  I doubt she ot the point that she had just screwed up the sale - less money for them, one less student, and mor eheadache for me, cause what the hell do I do now?  All the other places sucked worse.  AND she is a "master" at the skool, which means that she is a belt tester.  When I would go for rank, this anger-control problemed witch would be deciding my fate.  If she was just a secratary, I could sign up, and just avoid the "office help" - but I can't do that here.
  But this sad story isn't over.
Earlier (around 5:15pm), the home phone rang.  I was on all fours, in the middle of a gate, playing horsey with Darth Logan.  I tried to find the phone, but couldn't in time.  When I foudn it, the caller had hung up.  We went on playing, but I tucked the phone inside a big red megaphone thingy (a baby toy). This was so he wouldn't find it, and call Japan (or worse...KOREA!) - After this disaster at the TKD office, I come home..she , as always, don't ask me a damn thing  - "How'd it go?" would have killed her, I guess.  She starts bitching at me, cause i 'hid' the phone.  It took her forever to find.  And she is really disturbed over this.  Almost crying.  Pregnancy hormore eruption of something? I dunno.  I asked "What the hell did I do to you?".  This led nowhere, so I left for a late night snack.  Common sense told me to stop, as I walked thru the door, turn around, and ask if she wanted anything  This led to another fight.  I didn't have anyplace in mind, and she asked" How am I supposed to know what I want if you don't knwo wher eyou are going?".   I figured she at least knwo if she wanted food, snack, a shake, sundae..but no.....another obviously MY FAULT situation.  Im suchasfuckup, i guess.
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOI go to BK - they are backed up, so I leave.  (I parked all by myself, and a drive thru car had ot park next to me.   They took the food back in - I walked in - walked out, and got in the car.  AS Im backing up, I almost run over the sombitch, who had come back out with new food, and was walking right behind my car - straight AT my car.  Dumass.
S000000  I go to Food Lion for a few 3 liters.  99 cents each - 2 of em=$2.06  I hand over a $20 - she asks "Do you have 6 cents.  I say "Yes   I see dead people"...she dont' get it, and asks again  - I respond again.  She finally gets it (6 Sense - instead of 6 cents) - She takes my $20, and gives me back 94 cents change.  NO CASH, just 94 cents change. She asks - Is there anything else ?- I say YEAH - a shit load of my money you still have!  DUH!

So now Im back home, the baby is alseep - and I got no clue what the hell went wrong from'5:45 till now'.  What I DO know is that the wife needs to back the hell off of me about the damn phone, or I'll NAIL that damn thing to the wall, so she can see exactly where the hell it is - That bitch in the TKD office can kiss my ass, if she thinks she can treat me like that and still sign me up for a 3 yr contract -      FoodLion has THE MOST EXPENSIVE 3 liters of fake pop in the whole goddamned world! -   and Im clueless.  Im home, but I really dont' wanna be.  Cept that I am "sworn guardian" to the sweetest baby Jedi, and I can't wait till tomorrow to play with him again.  He is the glue that helps keep me together.



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