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Monday, July 26, 2004

Sunday, July 26, 2004

Not much goin on.  Wife has had college classes, leaving me with the baby.  He's had this "come and go" sickness.  Sometimes his nose runs - never a high fever, but his body will be slightly warm.  Clingy at times, tempermental at others.   I'm doing my best to keep him happy.  We watch Elmo, The Wiggles, Babar, Scooby Doo -the movie, and the Karate Kid as much as he wants to. He threw a major fit today when I tried to put him in the backpack thingy.  You'd have thought I was killing him.  But once he was in, we were out the door, and on a walking adventure, he was just fine.   It started to rain slightly on the walk home - nothing too bad - we walked under tall trees for some protection.  And it was so warm today, that I don't think he was chilled or anything by the slight rainfall.  It was nice to get out of the house for a while, and just walk. We went to Walmart later, for milk and juice, and  (as he calls them) na-nana's.  It's so adorable - in the mourings, he'll play for a while..then crawl up on my chest - put his nose on mine, and when I open my eyes, he'll whisper"Na-na-naw: (For banana).  It's so adorable!  A memory I'll certainly carry to the grave with me.
HEARSE:  I painted the interior a bit - a really nice shade of medium blue.  The old interior color is a faded mediuym to light blue, so the new paint is really doing the trick of looking new, while not clashing with what I haven't painted yet.(or the blue (p)leather seats).
KARATE: Unable to find anyother dojo in the area that's worth a damn.  I found an ATA Taekwondo skool - but it's a further distance to travel (for each class) - and I've been reading some interesting articles on the web about how ATA is all about money!  I'll call tomorrow anyways - just to get a comparison of prices.  Im still toying with the idea of signing up at the "Pissy Lady" place.  My gym is nice , but I can't kick and punch stuff there.  And if I ever intend to open my own dojo someday (I've wanted to since I was 14), I really must have a blackbelt (with actual certification behind it, not the $125 one from Ebay).  I'm trying really hard to reframe the dojo experience with the bitch.  Instead of "she will win if I sign a contract there", perhaps "I will not let this bitch get in the way of what I want". I like the skool, the Grandmaster, and will need a dojo to release stress from having 2 babies under my care.  I can see myself turning old and knarled, without having something (like karate) to keep me active.  I can also see myself being more dedicated to martial arts each week than going to the gym (which I admittedly don't do much anymore).  With just the past few months that I started back (with the YMCA class, and the 4 trial classes) , I can definitely see an improvement not only in my physical fitness, but in my mindset.  Im back to doing what I like to do - and am not to shabby at .  Few more days, a nice pair of rose colored glasses, and I just might swallow my pride, waltz back up there, and sign up for a year.  We'll see.  I aint never let some bitch get in the way of what I want - I aint about to let it happen now.




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