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Friday, July 23, 2004

Highlights of today

The baby was in his room, picke dup a few toys, and flung them in his crib.  He then climbed In the crib, threw the toys back out, and climbed right back out!  He has never done this before.  THis was a wonderful suprise! As well as freaked me out, thinking "He's gonna get out in the middle of the night - and have full access to all sorts of stuff that he shouldn't get in to!

I wrote a letter explaining to the Psycho TKD lady how rude she was, that I don't like being treated like a child, and she blew the sale cause of her bad attitude.  Havne't sent it yet.  TO do so would mean completely deciding not to go there - a death sentence.  There is still a small part of me that's thinking" Once I get past this bitch, I don't have to deal with her often".  I'm in desperate need of a martial arts place.  It will get me out of the house - keep me fit - sharpen my reflexes - and get me that coveted Black Belt ( to show my son that his dada can stick with something).  It sucks that it is so perfect, and she was such a bitch.  Gonna have to meditate further  - on the Tree of Woe.

It rained today - we played outside a bit  - stomping in puddles!  What fun!



  • At 9:40 PM, Blogger Grant said…


    That TK-DO lady, is some kind of test. If you can snatch the pebble contract from her hand, with out killing her......Grasshopper Elvis.

    Shelby and Logan, were on the same page today. Shelby climbed out of her playpen for the first time, today.

    Good luck, with the new Shannon board.



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