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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Ray of hope

Was on my way to a telegram, and came across an aikido dojo not far away. Taekwondo may be the most commercial art, but I think that jujitsu and aikido are the most effective and deadly. May take a look into that dojo. Also, by cruising the web, I came across a place called American Gold Martial Arts. I call to th director gave me some interesting info. 3 free classes - they teach Taekwondo, jujitsu, and kungfu. This blows my mind. I never liked Kungfu - and am shocked to find Korean TKD coexisting under the same roof with Japanese Jujitsu. Have to check this one out.
Everywher around here, the prices are about the same. About $100 a month. Various contract lengths - pay more per month if you want a month by month contract (if offered). $50 Registration fee. $50 per belt testing fee. This Am Gold place says that it was founded as an alternative for people who were tired of being ripped off at other martial arts places. They charge comparable - but say that they are a non-profit organizzation. They said the fees collected are used to further the dojo, and the Competition Team that they have. Let's see if they can be more respectful than that bitch over at the U.S. Taekwondo Center (see earlier post).

Today was a very pleasant day - the wife left early - and the baby and I played all day long. We played inside - we played outside - went to Mcdonalds for lunch - then we went to a park - he exhausted himself - crashed out for a long nap - stayed up late, and went to bed without any problems.

Gotta get a buncha costumes ready for tomorrow. Big day at a local mall. Hope to make enough to pay off this karate endevor for a few months.


  • At 9:01 AM, Blogger Grant said…


    Thanks for covering my back, the other day.

    Please find a Dojo. You are meant to own and run one, one day. You are right, you need that Black Belt. I think you have a problem with authority just like me, but not as bad as I do. I le t you be the judge of your own character. Keep up the good, husband and daddy stuff. Your family is blessed to have you and I am glad we are friends.



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