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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

A ray of sunlight!

The baby woke up this morning - and seemed just fine.  That is, until mommie had to go to a meeting..then all hell broke loose.  He cried, he fell, he threw things, he cried some more.....poor dear.  After a 20 minute bout of "Do you whatTHIS?  Do you want THIS? Do you want THAT?", he finally led me to the door, outside, and pointed at my car.  I asked if he wanted to play in it, and he said NO.  I asked if he wanted go to on a road trip, and he shook his little weeping face up and down.  So we got suited up, and went for a spin.....a 2.5 hour spin!  He was content for about 30 minutes, then he fell asleep.  I figured "As long as I got gas, we drive!"
At one point, a Weird Al song came on, and he actually started to smile and giggle in his sleep.  I guess weird really IS genetic based.
After we came back in the house, he went back to throwing his fit.  But at least he had no fever.  He seemed like he was upset that he had missd 2 days worth of playing.  I told him to pick a movie - and he found the dvd box to the ONLY movie that I cant find the cd to "The Karate Kid".  A few minutes of explaining and begging and crying (and that was ME),  he settled on George of the Jungle. MAYN that Ursula is fine!
Back still is a bit sore, at certain positions.  And to make matters worse, a nerve is pinched that is tweaking my right leg from time to time.  OH OH OH    I almost forgot  - that damn toothache acted up last night. Kept waking me up - I think Im falling apart. At least it's physical now, instead of emotionally!  I made a dentist appt for tomorrrow. If the back dont get better, I will make a Dr appt for friday.  I had considered making a deal with the devil - let Logan get better, and you can take me instead.  I fear that he has taken me up on it!  But that's ok - he just blew a shot at a 2002 Corvette for a 1970 Chevy Impala (HAHAHAHHAHA)

Well, it's 11:30pm, and I'm off to Walmart for either some Doan's pills or Advil.  The backache is nowhere near as bad as it was yesterday - so I think it's on the way out -and Im not typically a meds taker - but hell, if it'll help...


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