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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Remnants of yesterday - and hope for tomorrow

In my rant about the RKD lady , and the Karate Kid, I forgot to mention that I had a root canal done yesterday. The hype is really overrated. The trouble of having to smell burning tooth was nothing compared to the pain the tooth ache gave me. Gota go back in a wek for a crown ."OH I just can't wait - to be king!"

Tonight was again a bundle of mixed emotions about the Chuckie Cheese Karate do. I show up for free lesson #2 - starting with a sparring class - and there is no sparring class. There's a weapons class - one teenage blackbelt talking to 2 12 yr olds. (Some class). They told me there was no sparring - that it was on Wednesday. No shit - TODAY is wednesday! My Jedi logic had no effect on the feeble minded. They sugested I suit up and join the "class". They said they'd loan me a staff. HEHE they gave me this teeny tiny little toothpick of a bo - not more than 4 ft long - and weighs less than my class ring. I serioulsy wonder what these people are thinging sometimes. So we stood around - talking - with my toothpick. Then class was over - and the jujitsu class started. I LIKE the jujitsu. Arm bars - wrist locks - take downs - grappling. When I started in karate - I was afraid if anyone got too close. Once I learned jujitsu - they couldn't get close enough! Jujitsu class went very well.

"Do you see the grasshopper at your feet?". said blind Master Po. "Old man" posed Caine "How is it that you can see such things?". "Young man", responded Master Po..."How is it that you cannot?".

Im diggin this kung fu Totally different than anything I've ever studied, but fascinating. Learning to move in ways so fluid, so graceful - I explained it to the helps if you've seen CONTACT with jody Foster...

Karate and Taekwondo teach to to act, respond, and think linear. Front - back - left - right. Jujitsu and Aikido teach you to think in circles. Smooshes - fluid loops. This Shaolin style Kung Fu Im learning seems be like the machine that they built in Contact. Fluid movements - but not just on one linear plane - like a globe, and you can go up , down, angles, all over. Hard to describe - another example would be like drawing. Karate and TKD , you draw with straight lines - JJ and Aikdo, you draw a circle. Kung Fu, you get that old Spiralgraph out, cause its a fluury of circles! Neat. I expect to have difficulty with conflicting styles - but we'll see how I do.

Having said that - I think I will park my butt at this dojo/dojang/studio for a while. It will be so neat to be so well rounded (In martial arts experience...Im already well rounded thanks to this belly I got!). My goals: 1. Get a blackbelt in something..ANYTHING! 2. Make my son proud (when he's old enough to know what Im doing). 3. Start my OWN martial arts studio (a small modest one). 4. Pass all this knowledge on to my children. It would mean the world to me, for my little ones to think of dada as a combo of Mr Miagi and Kwai Chang Caine. With maybe a touch of Robin Williams thrown in for fun!!


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