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Monday, August 16, 2004

Am I poor?

MY MONEY: Still no clue about what happened with the bank. I purchased a few things ($10 sparring pads - I was gonn aneed them anyways) from Ebay, and used Paypal (transfer from bank account) to pay for them. They both went thru. So either the money is there, and the card was bad. Or the money is gone, and I got some explainign to do to 2 Ebay sellers on Monday. A trip to the bank is in order first thing tomorrow mourning.

MY KARATE: Tomorrow, I will go to the dojo and see if they will accept my trade offer. If not, I will sign up, and se if they will accept a 3 month contract. I figure, it'll give the new baby time to arrive, I can se how it'll fit into the schedule, and (they may like this) it will at least allow them to recover the cost of that free uniform they gave me. I also have that nasty letter to the TKD beotch from US TKD center to mail on Monday. Hope she blows a fuse when she reads it. Serves her right - you can't talk to people like that.

MY CAR: Tires on the right really need air. Bad rain and wind causing it to swurve a bit at high speeds (or when going forward). No service engine light - so I think it was a fluke.

MOVIES: I can't find the Karate Kid 2, 3 or 4 on dvd locally to rent. SO I signed up for Netflix, and am expecting KK2 and 4 (as well as a Wigggles dvd) in the mail on Monday. Hopefully, I can copy them, and send em back in a day or so. They also have the Battlestar Gallactica series - that may end up chewing up the 2 free week trial, but $22 for 1 month aint too much to pay for all that I may end up with. I intend to cancel after a month regardless.

THE WIFE: She's been pretty pleasant lately. She still hasn't asked anythign about my search for a dojo since that fateful day with the Crazy TKD lady. If you remember, I came home, and she yelled at me for misplacing the phone. So I never told her what a disaster the meeting was. Gonn ahave to at least tell her the location of the new dojo. It would suck if she went looking for me, at the Crazy lady place, and I wasn' t there. No need to hide what Im doing - or where I am. But it sure would be nice if she'd ask about it. It's fostering a seed of a discontentment tree.

MY BEDTIME: It's here. Night all !


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