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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Another day of "not much"

I meant to go to a lot of different places today - and just didn't seem to get to any of them. Logan went down for an early nap - I went out for McFood. When he woke up, we had a Dr visit for the unborn. Dr checked heart rate, said it was great, then we left. As much as CAN go wrong with a pregnancy, I guess I should consider myself fortunate that our doctor visits are so short.
Quick trip to the grocery store for som supper - then home again, home again, jiggity jig.

Oh - the neighbor had a boxer dog (from when he was a puppy). I used to play with him, give him bisquits..I even taught him to fetch. When I bought an air powered nail gun, I build him a dog house with 2 by4's, and framed it like a real house. It was sweet. Then, after a year or so, her son moved away and took the dog with him. Sad day - walking out the back door was so lonley. We now have Sandy (our flea bitten refugee), but it sure was nice to see Bogger again. I even came in to get Logan, and we both played with Bogger for a while. It seemed that Sandy and Bogger were gettign along, so they may keep each other company. THe thought has crossed my mind of either bringing Sandy in the house more ( to habituate the cats to her), or going to the shelter and getting 1 more dog (of her size and temperment). I feel bad not spending more time with her.

Well - 1:30am - gott awork tomorrow , so I'm off to bed. Remind me to talk about the nightly "becoming in sinc with the baby" next post. It's cool - heartfelt - touching - but too much to go into tonight..Im sleepy.


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