Adventures of Darth Daddy

Sunday, August 15, 2004

What will he be when he goes up?

Yesterday, Darth Logan ran laughing into the room, right arm cocked back, and let go with a pitch the likes of Bob Feller would have been proud of. I was in awe of my creation - my son - my starting pitcher for the Cleveland Indians.....that the though tof "DUCK" or "BLOCK" didn't quite occur to me untiul I heard the CRACK. Not of a baseball bat, mind you......oh no...of that hard ass little solid plastic ball coming in contact with the bridge of my nose. Man did he ever bean me! I grabbed my nose - and rolled over in pain! The shot was so fast, and so unexpected..and such a straight, good , hard , fast throw...that I layed there on the floor, hands clenched to my face, yelling OW OW OW OW and laughing so hard, that I could't tell if the tears in my eyes were from laughing or pain! It's still sore today - but what a memory! That'll teach me for not investing in Nerf !!

Lotta rain today - hurricane Bonnie, or Charlie, or something. We saw on tv that the power company stated that 10,000 people were without power. It was bittersweet. We wanted to applaud that it wasn't us (it is ALWAYS us..ALWAYS. If the birds fly overhead to fast, we lose power. And just our circuit. WHich is us, and 3 other houses. Everyone else gets power...and they have porch lights that border on the edge of flaunting it - "we got power and youuuu dont". Also, the Power company is slow to fix it, cause we are just 4 houses. It sucks!) .

Odd event today - still worried:
Put a decent deposit into the bank - had a really good weekend, and raked in some good pay. Friday night - lotsa money in bank. Saturday morning - bank card declined for $5 in gas at 3 different stations. THEN the friggin ATM at the bank EATS the card, gives me no account balance, and says the card is expired. EXPIRED? I just got the damn thing! Is it Aug-2007 already?? Good thing that had some extra money in the car for gas - I was on the way to a job.
I return home, try to check balance at the bank website...and it's down for repairs. SH*T! It finally comes back online, with a note that "We realize that accounts havent been updated since the 11th - we are workign on it". SO now, Im online, in my account, and it will only tell me how much money I HAD, no thow much I HAVE. I don't know if it's just a computer error...somethign wrong with that magnetic strip on the card -if someone stole my numbers and emptied my account - or if, that day when I thought I was in the Twilight Zone episode (being the only 34 yr old in a kiddie karate class), I actually WAS in a Twilight Zone episode, and it hasn't ended yet - only broken away for a commercial.
Well - off the the kitchen to enjoy some soothing cold Minute Maid Fruit Punch. A refresing beverage for those thirsty moments - hey! Wait a minute! ROD!! Get outta my fridge!! Put down those cookies too!


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