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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Decent Monday

Got up early, called the bank - and all the money is there. All of MY money, that is. Turns out a glitch in the bankcard software or something caused the problem. They "fixed" my card (the one the ATM ate), and I picked it up.

Al went to skool ( her work) today, to get her room ready. That left Darth Logan and I to do whatever. We played with the dog a bit - went to the bank - visited the dojo - stoppped at Wendy's for some food - then it was nap time. He crapped right out - even slept thru being reloacted from the car to the house. Later, we went to Lonestar for a steak dinner - then it was off to the dojo for me. Having just eaten, I decided to skip the 5-6pm TKD class, but jumped right in on the 6-7pm sparring class, the 7-8pm Jujitsu class, and the 8-10pm Shaolin Kung FU class. It's like a dayspa! No mud packs - but bunches of kicks, strikes, rolls, theory..LOVE IT !! The schedule even seems to flow nicely. Start off my jumping around, trying to open a can of whoopass - this tires you out. Then, the next hour is wrist locks and adult tumbling - flowing moves, circles, no hopping around. Finally, the Kung Fu is very very circular, and more mentally demanding than physical (at least at this level). I expcted it to be difficult for me to go from the hard karate (or TKD) (linear) style to the fluidity of KF, but I'm holding my own. Guess you really can teach and old dog a new trick.

THE DOJO: Oh, by the way - I took the leap and signed up for 2 years. They didnt seem interested in a trade - and the diversity of styles (under one roof - with one monthly fee) can't be matched in the area. I still think that my quest for my shodan in TKD will be a self directed search - but obtainable.

As soon as my head hits the pillow, I remember about how I wanted to talk about the babys breathing and aligning myself with him. I had a cousin that died from SIDS (Crib death back then), and I've ben afraid of that happenign to our little bundle of joy. Each night, I'd roll out of bed, and just watch him. Make sure that he was ok. I check on him less now (than when he was under 1 yr old), but I still check nevertheless. Each night, I partake in what started out a security check, but has developed into the joining of 2 souls. (I should mention that my lower back bothers me from time to time). I enter his room, and turn off any fans or the ac unit . Thi sleaves only the sound of trickling water from the fish tank. I walk up to his crib, and bend forward, reachign for my toes. At first, nothing. But then, with patience, I crack the lower part of my back (feels really good at the end the day). Also, and this part is the magic, little by little, the "house sounds" fade away, leaving me with only one - one that Im am desperately seeking - the only sound that will allow me to sleep tonight - the sound of my baby breathing. Until you relaxe a moment, you are still listening to all the sounds of the house - the frigde motor - fans, etc. But one by one, they fade away - and there is only the sound of him breathing and the sound of my own heartbeat. It's silly perhaps - but at that moment - I feel connected to him. It tells me that he is ok - that I am ok- and that we have made it through another day. It allows me to let my guard down a bit, enough to rest, and prepare for the next day.
Caine from TV's Kung FU once said "Each morning, when I awake, I treat the new day as if it were a blank slate, on which to write. " Hearing my own heartbeat - and his breath - it quite an eraser for my often crowded slate.
Time to feed the fish - and listen for breath and beats. Night all.


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