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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Trying to keep it all straight

If I can cram and memorize another kata (poomse, form, etc), I can be recognized as a high green belt, and be testing for low blue next. Then, the order is high blue, low red, high red, and the coveted Black! Starting at a higher level will also save some bucks, as testing fees usually increase as you get closer to black. But MAN, all the stuff to memorize. I can fully execute any of the techniques, even those up to and including black belt - but having to remember wrist escapes, and choke escapes, and bear hug escapes - not just "how to do it" , but how to start basic and work my way up to through all 30 of em! This will be one major cram session. Also, there are new Korean words to learn - the Korean flag to translate, bla bla bla. Ive been chipping away at things one ata tim - I have faith that it will all fall into place.

The jujitsu class is fun, but goes by REALLY REALLY fast. It's a 1 hour class - and as we seem to just get going, it's time to end. The sensie seems willing to hang around a bit to answer any questions, but I have to get changed, and over to the Kung Fu master (the title is called Sifu - pronounced See-Fu). His class actually starts at the same time the jujitsu classs does, but because I'm one of only 3 or 4 students so far, he doesn't seem to mind me joining late. We usually get started around 8pm, and go (sometimes) until 10 or later. That's neat. Being so "in to it" that you loose track of time. They finally gave me my own "space" - a blank slot on some shelves at the dojo in the changing area. Figured I'd leave my big bag there, and just bring necessary stuff back and forth (dirty uniforms, personal notebooks that Im taking notes in, and that TKD book that shows all the forms in it). That "leave it" bag was starting to get really heavy. Let's see - the contents: (This may be a boring list, but I figure I'll list from memory in case someone swipes something - I can refer to this list!)
2 heavy weight judo gi tops (on white and one blue)- and I mean HEAVY WEIGHT !
2 cups (and I don't mean Dixie cups) with breif styled supports
2 TKD Dobock tops ( the pull over uniform)
1 medium weight karate gi top
Sparring equipment : Chest protector, head gear, hand covers, shin& instep guards, forearm pads, 3 mouth guards
1 Black Kung Fu uniform
2 uniform belts (one green, one white)
Breath mints ( 4 different kinds - so I don't knock someone over by breath alone)
Deodorant, body spray
Notebooks - a composition notebook for each of the martial styles (3), the TKD book, my " dojo book", with all the rules and requirments of the current dojo, and a folder with all my "rank and awards" (previous rank certificates since I was 14, and all my tournament and national awards.
AND here's the capper!---------ONE pair of white pants. THis is rather ironic, considering all the tops I have. BUt you see - my top size is a 6 or 7 - and my bottom size is a 5. NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE is ever willing to break up sets (of uniforms ) when they sell em. SO I have a huge supply of white gi pants (usable for karate, TKD, and jujitsu alike) that are WAY too big for me. Gotta figure out a way of hemming them. I do have 2 pairs of lightweight (size 5 ) pants - but they are too light to wear in the dojo. Neat story on THAT to follow:

Im on Ebay - find a great deal on size 6 uniforms. I buy 2 (or 3) of em, and when they arrive, they are SOOOOOO lightweight, that I can't use them for class. Instead, I use them for pajamas in the winter. I contacted the guy, who apologiezed, explained that for THAT BRAND, they were medium weight (I can imagine a lighter weight though), and made amends by sending 2 gi tops in a heavier weight (which are STILL a bit too light, but do-able in a pinch. You see, when you do martial arts (cept for Kung FU), I prefer to have a heavier uniform. It holds its own form, makes a POP when you throw a strike, and gives a bit of padding when you get hit, or thrown to the ground. Lightweight ones just kinda droooop on you, making you look like your mommy dressed you for class.
(had to run out and switch laundry - betcha didnt even know I was gone, huh?)

UNBORN BABY: 6 more weeks - I cant believe it. It's approaching so suddenly. I feel a little bad - while she was pregnant with Logan, I waited on her hand and foot. Then, after the birth, she started to "bitch out" - so while I haven't been neglectful ( by any means), I also haven't exactly "followed" this pregancy as closely. For Logan, I could tell you (each week) how the fetal deveolpment was going, what would develope the following week, and so forth. Not so much with this baby. Maybe , because of how new it was - it was like standing in line for the newest baddest roller coaster. The wait is memerable, and you cant wait to ride! Then you do...and you love it. But you dont remember the next 5 times of standing in line - only the thrill of the coaster. Well, the first pregnancy was like standing in line. The first birth (and knowing that I can care for an infant) was the first ride on the coaster. Now, the line part is boring - Im anxious and nervous about having to handle an infant AND a toddler - but hopeful that I will be as capable as I was with only 1 child. I'm all like "Bring it on!". I'm up for the challenge.

Wow - long Blog tonight - guess I was on a roll (which is much better, but not as funny as one of my rants).

Night all....

oh - almost forgot - next time, remind me to tell you about the dog barking, the frog pond, and my 2 sets of wigged out neighbors that I declared war on. This is destined to be entertaining.


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