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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Hey - where'd the week go?

This week has just flown by.

Today was the wifes birthday. We had plans to go to the beach, but it as we prepared, the rain storm rolled in. No beach trip. We had pizza for lunch. Logna was so tired at the end of the meal , that he actually was using his right hand to push his jaw up and down (to help him chew). It was so cute once we figured out what the hell he was doing!

Later, we went to the Grate Steak for dinner. Fantastic plce - they bring you a cut of steak, and you take it over to the fire pit, and cook it yourself. Had a good time there.

Had an Elvis telegram to deliver tonight, so after dinner, we headed home. I raced all over looking for costume parts ( and even ran out of helium for the balloons after the third balloon --I use 6 per telegram). I ended up having to blow up 3 balloons by mouth, and tie them to the other helium balloons, so they kinda would float. The telegram went off without a hitch (cept for me being 20 minutes late - but I phoned ahead, and they were ok with it) but if they could only have seen the 'behind the scenes' of it all. Whooboy.
It never seems ot fail - if I have a fully packed bay - with minimal time to travel between parties, I somehow pull it off. If I only have 1 party - I screw it up somehow - and get there late.

I'm having a blast at the dojo. The jujitsu instructor is talking about having a test for first belt next month. That'll be cool. The TKD class is pretty much a self study at this point. They do have TKD classes, but most are little kids. Also, I'm starting to think strategically. They said that they would honor my rank from previous training. They estimated that I am to start as a green belt, and test for low blue, hi blue, low rd, hi red then black. What they require for testing is the same stuff that I have been working on at the YMCA class. So - if I can speed learn a few more of the forms, I can "enter" as a higher level belt - maybe a blue or even red - this will save me time and $50 per belt test. The quest for black belt surges onward.

The Kung Fu - this is some neat stuff. The Sifu (pronounced Sea-fu) has a leaning toward snake style, so we've been practicing that. A few classes already, I've been the only student that showed up - so I get 1 on 1 training. That is way cool! Also, at first I thought that what I learn from KF would be opposite of my karate training, and in some ways it is, but i have so far been successful at 2 things:
1. Incorporating the newly learned KF techniques into my knowledge base, and use them with karate moves as well.
2. I've been able to also keep the KF moves seperate - and been able to switch back and forth between styles (karate/jujitsu/TKD/ KF) without too much difficulty. I do admit, it really helps that I have a uniform for each. A pull-over styled TKD uniform for TKD, a cross chest uniform for jujitsu, and a kung fu uniform. It helps me not only seperate what Im doing at the time - but the time it takes to change clothes also helps me get into "character" . From TKD man, to Samurai, to Kwai Chang Caine. I'm hoping tht the Sifu will start calling me grasshopper.

Tomorrow is Sunday - the wife and baby will probably go to the inlaws for the day. I've GOT to do some cleaning around here.

Till next week - this is Mork - signing off. Nanoo Nanoo


  • At 10:07 AM, Blogger Grant said…

    Tell your wife, "Happy Birthday" from me. I hope the un-born is doing well. I have missed reading your blogs, but I am glad to here you have been spending your time well, "Grass Hopper." I have been kind of mean lately to some of the guys on the board. I learned back in High School that if you want to stop a bully from bulling you...Slam them up against the lockers, it makes a lot of noise and scares everybody around. But, I am back to my "Sheep" personality. Pray for my little girl Reverand Darth Daddy, she has been sick, seems to be getting better. I am going to leave for an AA meeting now, after that church. Melinda is going to stay home with Shelby.



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