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Saturday, August 28, 2004

All in a days work

Saturday (today) went by pretty fast. I had hoped to attend the 10 am or 11am tkd class, but staying up till 4am last night diverted me. I've been tracking down a dvd hack program, that will allow you go copy an entire dvd, and burn it, AND allow you to play the burned one in my dvd player. SO far, only found one that will make a "playable only on the computer drive" program. There is a program that I want...but it's expensive. A court order made the company go it must be good. What sucks is that I found it online, downloade dit, but cant registerit (as is required to use it). It'll really bite to pay $100 for a program that I already have - just need the damn user code to get IN the damn thing!

Today - the wife and Darth Logan went to her parents house for a baby shower. She said it was nice. Sounds like we mostly got "usables" (that we asked for) - diapers, baby wipes, receiving blankets, etc. We didnt need much of anything, cause we still have all from Logan. But it never hurts to have extra diapers! Al mentioned that an older ladyfriend of her family had knitted/crocheted a blanket for the unborn. And, I was glad to find out that a few people (my mother included) thought to buy a little something for Logan as well. Kinda sucks seeing all that neat stuff being unwrapped, and nothing for you! Someone got him a babydoll. Not sure what gender - but also not sure what gender the actual unborn is. Setting the male, macho "My boy aint gonna play with no goddamned doll" , I hope to use the doll after the unborn is born. I've been trying to develope ways of including Logan in the day to day dealings with the newborn. If he has his own babydoll, he can always mess with it, instead of the real one. For example. when the newborn will need a diaper, I plan to make Logan "Diaper King". I will let him get a diaper for the new baby (which of course I'll change). If he can manage (with hlp), I will also allow Logan to "powder" the baby. If he can't seem to be "up to par" with the real baby, I can always let him put diapers (or change diapers) on his baby. Train a little stay at home dad.

KARATE: Going very well. Been trying to memorize all the escapes, the forms, and terms, bla bla bla. I'm really chipping away at it. Seems the more that I relax, and go slow, the more retention im having. And fast retention. It'll help that it's commited to long term memory - and not just crammed in short term memory the week before the test. I think the next Belt Test is in October. Gonna have to mark it on the calander - hate to miss it. Missed one already - but I wasn't ready for it. It'll be faster and less costly if I can take my first test knowing as much as possible (for the highest belt possible). Other schools would start you right back at white belt - and I've been wearing a white belt to show humility. Right now, Im a bit of an enigma. There are other black belts there - mostly young ones (18-25 yrs old). To them, the sight of a 34 yr old white belt, doing some of the things Ive done, is pretty ironic. Once I put on a color belt, I've stepped into the rank system, and am better classified. But for now - it's cool being the hidden dragon! The jujitsu sensei has said that she lans to test people for yellow belt next month. It'll be neat to hold current belts in different systems. The KF sifu has told us the requirments for the first "belt" - a white sash. I got it all - but haven't asked to test. He's said that he's saddened by the TKD peoples lust for belts, instead of knowing the art. I figure it'll be better to let him teach, and me to learn, than to bug him about sashes.

The Car--- Gotta swap the back tires with the front ones tomrrow. Been getting a very strong wiggle in the steering wheel. Not sur eif it's a bad tire - or a suspension part that needs replaced. If I swap the rear and front tires, and it still occurs - then its the suspention (Idler arm, rocker arm, center link). It it stops - then its a bad tire ( I HOPE!!!). I've replaced suspension parts before - no big deal. But you have to get the car alligned afterwards - that means paying someone else money - that sucks.

Well - not much else to say - off to browse the web a bit - catch ya'll later.......


  • At 12:34 PM, Blogger boabhan sith said…

    I'm actually, majoring in nursing. I know...doesn't make sense for me to take an intro to law enforcement class, huh. I only needed one more class to get into the nursing program, but they were completely this semester I thought I'd expand my person. LOL, I have a brother who is a cop and a father-in-law who used to be one...I've taken care of many officers at one of the hospitals I've worked at. I just thought it would be an interesting class.


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