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Friday, September 10, 2004

"snake learns humility"

Tonight, I was the only one that showed up for class. We ended up having a great class anyways, not having any clowns to chew up the clock by fooling around. I love these one on one times I get with the Sifu.
Tonight, to mix things up a bit, and as a form of evaluation, we tried something new. He wanted me to shadow box (simulate attackers), while rotating attachers to the right. So - I take out the front attacker - then turn to the right side attacker - then the one behind me - and so forth. I really did suprise myself with the stances and flexibility that I had. But I still displayed the "block first - then strike" mentality that karate has instilled in me. I've wanted to practice with a partner, but don't have anyone to practice with. This would have made a difference. Anyways - I forgot a few concepts (one or two I thought I had done, but he said otherwise). At least the things that I was lacking was because I didnt incorporate it - and not because I did it wrong. Mental notes were taken, and the next time will be better. Next time, snake will float - the snake in the myst will attack simultaneously when the Cobra defends- both wil attack more than once before dismissing the attacker.
I've been trying to tell him - that it would be nice to have a few set patterns - forms - whatever. He's blended a way to demonstrate all 5 animal fists with 5 different stances. That was neat. He even made it a white sash requirement. But tonight, he shared a pattern with me that gave semed simple - but I can tell has sooo much that I can take from it. It apperas to be a simple pattern of hand movement, and strikes (no footwork). He showed/taught it to me - then broke apart sever pieces of it, and showed how just that simple move could be applied in numerous ways. It was suprising. Karate teaches you to punch. Enter with one strike. Kung Fu is teaching me to enter with 3 strikes - and exit with 1 or 2 for good measure. Having a decent background in japanese martial arts, I am learning tremendous respect for the amount of body conditioning, dedication, and ability to move and strike in directions that seem otherwise unconventional. The movies are still fluff - but the real training (and I realize that Im not learning it hard core, like others have) is tough. Tough on the body to do things that I didnt think this 34 yr old body could do - conceptualize combat moves on several levels ( all at the same time).
Only problem (or enlightenment, if you will) is that I've been getting into the 5 animal style so much, that I have a hard (very hard) time holding a close fist during the monday sparring class in TKD. But hey - Daniel-san did the crane technique - shouldn't be that odd for me to break out some snake or leapord.

Great day for the baby (Darth Logan). I think he's teething again - so he's been very tempermental lately. Also approaching the terrible 2s. (21 months old now). But, I gotta admit - thngs have gotten a bit better since the wife went back to work. Only thing is - the unborn is due in about 3 weeks - then she's back home till after xmas. At least the dynamic will change. We'll have the unborn to take care of - and Im sure Logan will need some "get out of the house with just one parent" time (as will I !!).
He's ben complaing about even the slightest bit of wetness in his diaper lately. So, when he starts to complain, Ive been putting him on the potty. Al's been doing the same, and said that he actually peed the other day. Hope he stays interested. It may be too early to realistically train him - but diapers for 2 kids is gonna kill my bank account! Ever think that you had much money in yoru account, and it turns out you're down to $40? Happened to me today. Guess that's what happens when you don't get much work booked, but keep spending (duh). Today, I hit the phones - and booked a bit of work. Hope it don't rain on saturday - one booking alone will bring in a few hundred bucks.
Well - it's (to quote a song) After Midnight. TIme to check the email - and head off to bed.

PS. One false click on a Google Image Search ended up leaving me with some damn Trojan horse virus that rose from the grave every time I thought I had it gone. troj_agent.el Real bitch. All it did was hijack my web browser - and kept popping up ads to annoy me. It took 2 hours to gt id of it. Had to locate, ID, and manually delete all the infected files. If you get this pain in the ass virus, don't be afraid to email me - I can maye help you get rid of it.


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