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Monday, September 06, 2004

Labor Day 2004 (at least, I think that the holiday today)

If today is Labor Day, then it's right on track - considering what's on my mind 23 hrs a day lately. When a woman is pregnant, they always want to knwo "When was your last period?". As a guy, this question mystifies me. My wife never had "regularly scheduled " ones, and that was pretty much my only experience with them. Sure - a few bitchy girlfeidns a long time ago - but I never allowed "bitches" to be written off as "period". I took it personally, and blamed them for being tempermental . But - Im off topic - lets get back.

The Dr figures a Due Date based on when your last period was. If you don't keep track, then you have NO Idea when it was - therefore, no idea when to expect delivery! You can guess - and I figure that's what they did in our case. Oct 3rd is the Due Date for the Unborn baby Frye. They tried to schedule the C-Section for the ONLY DAY I have work scheduled - and had to move it to the 28th (Sept). Alicia is now waddling more then ever - hip pains - Braxton Hicks - all the signs of "baby coming very soon!". I've started to doubt that we will make it to the 28th. Or even would have made it to the 25th (previous schedule delivery date). I'm thinking that any day now, Im gonna get a call "Guess what?!". I realize that delivery prediction is just a guess - but she never had all these signs (symptons) with Logan. The last month, she had headburn , she got BIG, and that was all. They tried to induce labor - Logan refused - they went in after him. All in a days work. With this baby, all these symptoms are new. The heartburn is normal, but if you saw her, you'd swear she's ready to pop any day now.

Tomorrow, gotta remember to get "Panic bags" ready. Bag for Logan ( take with him to Grandmas house when the new baby comes). "To the hospital bag" for Al. "Gotta get this documented bag" for me. Fresh batteries - film, camcorders (1 dv - 1 vhs-c), digital camera, 35 mm camera.....the works! Just like when we had Logan, I plan to be a walking multimedia experience. Just a shame that the digital camera that I had for Logans birth was only 1 meg - the pics are grainy - but now I got a 4 mg camera ( OH YEAH!!). For anyone interested (like anyone ever reads this, pic of Logan can be viewed at his own little domain

No dojo today - closed for the holiday. Missed a TKD class, a jujitsu class, a Kung Fu class, and an hour of "free mat" time. Holidays suck! But I made the most of it. We all went to a new park close to home. The park isnt new - we hadn't been there before. Logan got to play with lots of other kids - see doggies - climb on the playground - - run his little tushy off in any directions he wanted to! Al came along, but just sat on a bench and watched. We buzzed her occasionaly, to make sure she didnt feel left out. Then, it was off to the inlaws house for a picnic. Never ask for a hamburger! Go for a hto dog. They gave me this burnt ass hocky puck piece of meat - I was scared. Felt like I was on Fear Factor or something! When no one was looking, I put it back on the pile, and snuck a hotdog instead. Southerners always burn the damn food! Hey..that reminds me - Im hungry.

Later all........


  • At 10:18 AM, Blogger Grant said…

    Shannon, I read your blog and so does to whole World! I am looking forward to the arrival of the "Un-born." When Melinda did her ultra sound, the machine calculated the due date based on the size of Shelby's head. Hang in there buddy. Let me know if y'all need anyting. Also, I need you to attack some of these guy's on dadsot, with your pointed humor darts.

    Grant, The Bold...


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