Adventures of Darth Daddy

Monday, September 06, 2004

A few things Ive been forgetting

What the hell happened to that green katsup? That was the neatest thing. I've long since used up my own supply, and want some for my son. The purple didnt amuse me, but the green was way cool! Not avaliable locally anymore. Unless Im looking in the wrong places?

When it comes to shavers (non - electric for your face) - 4 blades is, in fact, too much! They should have just stopped at 3 blades. With 3 blades, the shave is good, and the hair quickly swoooshes off the razor, between swipes. I tried the 4 blade one - and the blades stay clogged.

That's all for now - the popcorn is almost ready - GOTTA GO!


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