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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I guess the honey moon is over

Well - the shiney finish just peeled back from the coin.

The dojo people decided to screw with the schedule. Which wouldn't have been a horrible thing, cept that now they scheduled Monday night sparring to start when monday night jujitsu does. WHen I told them that they had both going on at the same time, they vacantly said "Well - we can have 2 classes at the same time". I guess it takes a bit of brains for them to realize that I can't be in two places at once. They now make you decide between the two classes.
To add fuel to my pissy fire - when I signed up, they said that they have an Aiado class (Sword drawing class - that leads into kendo). All I had to do was tell "Coach Jett" (how's that for a name?) that I was interested. Let me speak a minute of this guy. 6ft - 200lbs - white guy - shaved head, cept for this dumb ass looking spiky blond patch on the top of his head (Im guessing he's in his late 30's/early 40's). He's the "head guy" around there - and I was the one who had to introduce myself to him. Got a weird sense that somehow, I had pissed him off. Ever get the feeling that you rubbed someone the wrong way? Even when you haven't done shit ? That's the feeling that I'ev got from him, since I first met him a month ago.
Anyways - in anticipation of joining the Aiado class - and then kendo, I purchased a hakama and top (samurai looking outfit). Saw a grat deal on kendo armor, but figured I ask about the Aiado class before buying it. So I ask again about the class (I had previously told him that I was interested in it) -this smug prick tells me that "My class is hand picked - made up of black belts and team members". Their team members are kids 13 yrs old and under. SO there are kids in the class - and a few adults (the office staff), but I can go screw myself ? Im very pissed. I'll wait till I get to where he asks me (if ever) to join the friggin class - and get taht same smug ass look on MY face, and tell him "Sorry - I hand pick my classes. Maybe I'll be interested at some other time". prick.

On to better things - the unborn is proceeding just fine. Wife's belly is getting really really big! We had a Dr appt today , to check on things. Everything went fine . Still scheduled for the 28th of this month (Sept 2004). I still think that the baby will suprise up by coming early - I just hope not on a day that I'm working!

Well - gotta get going - I have a telegram to deliver to the Eastern Shore in the mouring . Gonna be a good 1 to 1.5 hr trip to get there.

Night all


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