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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I got a minute to update

Well - things have settled down quite a bit. Al took the day off from work, and it relaxing in the miving room. Darth Logan is off with a grandma, and due to return later today. I've successfully located all the things I need to be "MULTIMDIA MAN". Still gotta remember to charge the extra camcorder batteries.

As soon as we got into the Dr office, it started pouring down rain - and hasn't let up yet. I guess we're getting some outskirting rain from one of those hurricanes (Ivan, Jeanne, etc). OOpps I 'll be damned - just looked outside, and its bright and sunny - no rain. Flash flood is over.

I saw a recent comment posted asking about martial arts. If you've found this blog searching for martial arts - you got the right place! Gonna be lots of good info and ranting bout different styles on my blog. I started off at age 14 (now 34) in a Kenpo (karate) system. It added components of judo and jujitsu. I later trained in Tang Soo Do, aikido, more jujitsu, Tae Kwon Do, 2 other styles of karate-do, and kobudo (weapons). I'm currently training in jujitsu (again), Tae Kwon Do (again), and have taken up Shaolin 5 animal style Kung Fu as well. Im hoping to take up Kendo and Aiado (but the instructor for those is a bit of a putz (please refer to previous post - the Honey moon is over)

This blog is a mixture of a few things - a way for me (and my kid(s) ) to look back and see what was on my mind - a way to post martial arts enlightenments - vent about anything that bothers me - and keep track of my adventures as Darth Daddy. Darth Logan is 21 months old - and we are expecting another baby in a week or two (not today, apparently!).

Sooooo - if you just got here - welcome aboard. If you've been here (HI GRANT!! ), drop me a line - No lurkers please - let me know you're out there.

BTW - there is a belt test for the jujitsu class tonight - guess I'll be able to make it afterall!

Back to work ------


  • At 4:31 PM, Blogger CV said…

    Nice to find another blog who writes about Martial Arts. In my family we practise karate and kendo, and we have done judo and iaido and jodo. See ya in the blogging world.


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