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Friday, September 17, 2004

Snake has a good night

In case anyone is lost at the constant snake refernces - my kung fu teacher is stressing snake style to us. Instead of "punches", we are learnign "snake strikes". A lot of terms related to strikes can be described through the actions of a snake. Snake strikes the vitals - snake hides in teh mist - snake attacks from a cave, and so on. I've started to refer to my KF training as a snake - and tonight, class was good. The scheduling geniouses at the dojo have introduced another class there - Adult Karate - unfortunately twith a conflicting time slot. Gotta pick either KF or karate. For now - decided to stay with KF on Thursdays. The only students who attended the karate class were 3 18yr old black belts from the TKD section. And all they did was work drills on heavy bags. I had hoped it would be a nice, traditional styles class - but (if first glance was correct) it's a glorified sparring class.

Did I mention that I got to spar the sifu (KF teacher/master) last night and held my own. He toyed with me, of course. Bu tI got a sense that I gained some respect from him. Coming from a karate background, and taking TKD and jujitsu (which I just passed a belt exam in), I felt that he was holding back a bit. Like he'd show things, but perhaps think that I was watching with curiosity, rather than genuine desire to learn. But I'm really diggin this KF stuff! Got me doing things I didnt think possible, moving in ways (and fluidly) that I didnt think I was capable of. And after last night - I think I broke that invisible barrier (if one existed at all) of showing that I am dedicated to learning what he has to teach. I went back to martial arts traing for a few important reasons - one was that I wanted to DO something that I could pass on to my kids. Secondly, a reason that can simply be called stasis. I'm 34 yrs old, back pain, a bad knee, poor eating habits, overweight, and need to do SOMETHING before I start to atropy (is that the right word? to become dried and brittle from non -use.) The TKD is good cardio - the jujitsu is goo dself defense - and steeped in the traditions that I've been missing. The kung fu is like nothign Ive experienced before. Maybe it's best that I "found " it later in life - if I had taken it earlier, maybe I would have missed out on the appreciation I have for it now.

(UNBORN) BABY UPDATE: Another eventless day.

Darth Logan and I went to the Zoo again today. We have a year long pass, so it's fun just to get out of the house and run around there. I brought the video camera along - and got some interesting footage of the apes (monkey business, if ya know what I mean). No telling WHAT you will see at the zoo (hehe).

ALmost 2 am now - gonna head off to bed. Garbage is out for pickup - dogs are fed (we are babysitting the inlaws dog for a week - the two get along fine) - time to recharge MY batteries!


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