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Monday, September 20, 2004

Monday countdown

Now much going on today - went out to Boston Market with the family for lunch (which later served as dinner as well). CompUSA has a neat dvd burner on sale for $100, but you need new, hard to find (and expensive) dvd media for it. Aint worth it. Washed my KF and karate uniforms - then off to the dojo. Decent jujitsu class tonight. Sensei went over some of the requirements for my next belt (orange). This class was followed by an equally neat KF class. We haven't tested for our white sash yet, but he was showing us a few things that we'll need to know for the sash past that. Some harsh stuff. Then again, the things that I can do now were considered some way otu stuff when I started. Instead of looking at things like " wow - I cant do that"....I now see it as "hmm....cant do that yet-----but give me a week or two at it".

STAR WARS comes out in 45 minutes on dvd. Drunk ass Uncle George finally must have stopped making money, and decided to scam us with the old stuff. I grew up with a love for Star Wars - but the new flicks suck, and I cant stand how he bullied theatres when the re-releases came out. George Lucas acts like some nerdy ass little bastard that got picked on all thru school, and now has to bully others to make himself feel big. I'm hoping (HOPING) that the dvd releases are of the old versions - but it's unlikely. Guess we'll see in 45 minutes and $40 from now. Could be worse, I guess - could be $20 a dvd (for a total of $60 for the set). You'll forgive me if I end this posting abruptly - it's cause Im off to Walmart!

Good day for Logan - and no magical appearance of the unborn yet. Booked extra work for saturday (forecast calls for no rain) - so I fel les bad about having the date of the C-section moved from the 25th to the 28 (September). Either way will give us a little Libra. Shoudl be interesting - although the sign is supposed to be the most compatable with any other sign. Woudl have been nice to have a Leo. Logan and I are Saggitarius. Al is a Leo . We'll see how a little Libra fits in. Could have been worse - could have been a Scorpio! (Very incompatable with Leos and particularly Saggitarians).

As fate would have it, someone booked a moonwalk at the same park (and almost same time) that I am already DJing an event. 2 seperate pavilion areas though. And I only have one generator. The profit of the moonwalk will be $50 less than the cost of a second generator. Gotta decide tomorrow whether to give the guy a reduced rate, and let him bring his own generator.....or get a new one for a little effort and $50. Don't use them a whole bunch - but when we do, it's a lifesaver. Im leaning towards a second one. We'll see.

Tomorrow, the baby and I will go to a dad's meeting. Supposed to be a local mall, but I think only 1 or 2 other dads will show up. I signed up at a web site, and THEY made the meeting. Only 3 of us from the area signed up at the site - and both the others are a pretty decent distance away. I've been trying to get a dads group going since the baby was 6 months - (he's now 21 months) --with no luck. Maybe this will open some new doors.

Well - off to Walmart (with my CompUSA ad for a pricematch.) Normally, I like buying the item from whoever has the lowest price - to reward them ---but Im not sure how fast these dvd sets will sell out.


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