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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Your Majesty!!

Today, I officially declare myself the KING of "oops - gotta make it happen". I had a telegram booked - for almost a week now. It was for late today. Yesterday, I got a last minute call for a birthday party for a 4 yr old. They wanted a character and a moonwalk. I worked it out - and had time to get to the telegram afterwards. WOULD HAVE had time, if I hadn't have prepped the wrong damn telegram! The lady wanted Father Time (like a grim reaper), and for some reason, I had it stuck in my head that she wanted Elvis. SO there I am - flying down the interstate - headed to the telegram, when it occures to me that I got the wrong costume. And the style of song I wrote is for Elvis - not Fr Time. ZOINKS !!

I got off the interstate, and hauled much ass to the nearest Walmart - $16 for black robe costume - $8 for plastic axe/spear thingy - $6 for bald cap with long white hair attached. Being able to get all the costume that you needed because it's the right season---priceless!
THEN - I get to the party -dress up - and see that my grey sneakers are visible and in very much contrast. Enter the gift of procrastination. I did a pirate about 2 weeks back - and have been meanign to take the black leather boots out of the car. I keep putting it off. SO I put the boots on, and completed the outfit. I have been writing telegram songs long enough that I was able to "wing it", and pulled it off without anyone noticing. Ended up about 15 minutes late - but it would have been over an hour late if I had to go back home and start from scratch! Gotta start paying closer aattenshun to detales.

WEATHER - Windy and cloudy, but no rain. Blue skies with fast moving white clouds. Nights are starting to get cool.

UNBORN: Still "on schedule" i guess. I had figured that the baby would come the 18th or 19th. 5 minutes to go, and it'll prove me wrong. We both think that the Dr is a bit off when predicting "delivery date". Even so - he predicted Oct 3rd at delivery, and scheduled her C-section for Sept 28th (a week earlier).

DARTH LOGAN: Went to breakfast today IHOP. He was as polite as ever. Waving at everyone, and flirting with all the pretty girls. Gonn ahave a real lady killer on my hands when he grows up.

EMAIL : I tried to contact other Shannon's on the internet who shared my last name as well. Found the 1. musician that I had read so much about, and 2. a very pretty girl whose father had been a musician, and past away not too long ago. When that damn SP2 was downloaded, it messed up my computer, and I lost all my email addresses. I knwo that I sent her (the pretty girl - not the musician) my blog address. Shannon Frye, if you're reading along - please email me!! Daddy at Loganfrye dot com.

Well - that's it for tonight. Gotta see how the Browns did.


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