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Thursday, September 23, 2004

I enjoyed Community College better than Old Dominond University

As soon as I posted it, a little voice said "here we go pissin off the community college people". Sure enough. It was just something that struck me as funny at the moment.

I attended Tidewater Community College, and loved it. I enjoyed that the classes were taught by actual "in the field" people, and not a stuffy professor ( who was only interested in tenure). The students, however, were some of the most upity, stuck up snobs that I've ever met. They reeked with "Im better than this place- and Im better than you". You'd think that the people at a CC woudl be nicer - we have less money, we still wanna go to college - we may even transfer to a big college, but it's economically better to bump out your prerequs at a smaller college.
Once I got to Old Dominion University, it drastically switched. Teachers got stuck up and stuffy - and the students were nice as can be. Very unexpected.

Bottom line: Community college good - ODU sucks. My apologeez to any CC students who read the caption.


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