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Saturday, September 25, 2004

On the ball

Ok - today I got my act together. I got the MULTIMEDIA MAN bag together. Cameras, camcorders, tapes, film, memory and hold onto yoru seats- I have ALL the batteries charged (and bought AA's for the cameras). It's all together in one bag, and ready to go.

Tomorow should be very intersting. Dj-ing a picnic at shelter #1, and renting a moonwalk to shelter #2. Shoudl bring in enough this weekend to pay off that damn Citibank card. For the last 3 hours, I've been downloading and burning music cds..just to make sure I got enough for 4 hours of dj-ing. And I'll bet you the entire profit that before 15 minutes goes by, some jackass will come up and ask about some weirdo group , then complain when I dont have the song. Never fails. Just concerned at how Im going to fit everything in the car!

Im having a pissing contest with Bank One. They bought out 4 of my credit cards (from other companies) - then started to occasionally send me a statement late. This meant that they tacked $39 onto the bill as a late fee. I'd call, explain that it wasnt my fault - they would take it off. after 3 times, they jacked my rate from 8.9% up to 24.9%. I called - I explained - they didnt care. I got tired of being told "Sorry - nothing we can do for you". So I declared war, and stopped paying on it. First came quaint calls - then came unfriendly reminders - now we're up to the real hemeroids. Those pains in the ass that call 4 times back to back - are rude, agressive,
and make you thank God that they aren't within reach - lest they have the shit choked out of em. Buncha real winners have been calling - playing every card form the "pity me card" to the "Im going to scare you into doing what I want" card. What sucks is before this - I had an excellent credit rating. But at 28%, there was no way I was going to be able to ever get out from under the debt. This seemed the only way.
So far, my favorite is "I've just received a folder on my desk concerning a matter that Im not sure you're aware of". Not aware of? Duh!! But these bastards are more resourceful than I expected. They call the house - they call my work - that was expected. When they called my sister in law - who is now married, and lives out of got me thinking. These bastards found a link somehow that lead them to her - why don't we send THEM after Osama? "Mr. Laden - I've just received a folder on my desk that Im not sure you're aware of - I need to you to return my call today, before 5pm".
Well - off to bed - if all goes well, i'll pack the car up to the brim, play pretty music, make a little money, and have a fun day at work tomorrow. Let's hope that the Unborn is amused with my schedule, and will wait till tuesday (hush hush - voices carry!).


  • At 3:57 PM, Blogger Grant said…

    I can relate to relentless creditors. When my ex left me she took the new car and loan. Then stopped paying on it. Finally they repoed it. Now they want 11,000 bucks from me. I said I have a court order that releases me from the loan. They do not care, they have been calling everyday now for 2.5 years. I have to screen all incoming calls.

    Good luck on your shows and let the force be with you.


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