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Monday, September 27, 2004

Last blog for tonight

Well, we're back home. Darth Logan is fast asleep over the inlaws house. The wife is resting in the living room. I'm about to do one last check to make sure I have what I'll need tomorrow. We've had almost 9 months to prepare for this moment, and still I find that Im not ready. The basinet is not in the living room - it's buried under a bunch of stuff in the garage. The house was supposed to be straightened out - the rooms moved around - all sorts of stuff. But I guess when it comes down to it - none of that matters. The Unborn is healthy, and will arrive in our arms in about 10 hours.

Knowing that it all happens tomorrow has made ht take a glimpse at the last 2 years. Not knowing what to expect, being the nervous first time dad. And imagine how I felt at knowing that I was to be a stay at home dad. Here I am almost 2 yrs later - an old pro at what I do - saying "bring it on, I'll take one more please". Gonna be hard on the wallet having to buy formula again -and 2 different size diapers. I just hope that I can give/devote as much time to the nborn as I have to Logan. I hope that neither one will feel gyped.

I wish I wasn't having as much trouble with the credit card companies..but with that exception, I'm pretty happy about "where Im at". The company brings in money for diapers, so far Ive done ok with Logan, (both my hearses currently run!!), and Im on a good path with my martial arts training. (Although, it may sound bad to say, I was trying HARD to get away for a few hours tonight, so I wouldn't miss class at the dojo). But as it turns out, my talents were needed elsewhere. Darth Logan was not abot to go to sleep. He fought the wife and grandma, cried, screamed...the works. Finally, it was turned over to DADA, who had him fast asleep (and happy) in about 15 mintues. Never send an amature to do a dada's job.

So, having said that - I have about an hour or two to do some things. Plan to go over some of the Kung Fu patterns - check the multimedia bag to tapes and batteries, pick my clothes for tmorrow - and pop in either The Last Samurai or Blade Runner to sleep to. Big Big Big day tommorow!



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