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Thursday, September 30, 2004

New baby - day 2

Thanks to all who offered their congrats!

The inlaws brouht Darth Logan to the hospital today - and what a scene it was. He was happy to see me, of course, but then we introduced him to his new baby brother. He was sooo taken by him. He was so gentle when he touched the baby, and even wanted to hold him (although we didnt let him - each are too young). He eventually climbed up on the bed with momma. When everyone broke out the cameras, he threw a fit, hopped down, and brought me to the baby. He motioned for ME to take the baby, and then drug us both back to the bed. The little guy wanted us ALL to be in th picture. I tell ya, how a 21 month old can act like a 4 yr old amazes me sometimes. Logan wanted to tour the whole floor, and then we had to drag him away from the "new baby" window. We told him that we had a new one already.
TROUBLE IN PARADISE: I spent last night at the hospital with the wife and newborn. Around 12:30am, a new nurse came in and said she was going to take Lance down to the main station (check vitals, weigh him, ect). She asked if I'd like to come, so I did. Once there, Lance started chewing on something. (He had done with a few times already in the room, with no major incident - it was just some 'stuff' that newborns have in their stomaches). First , she grabs the towel/blanket he's on, lifts one end, and rolls him forcefully to his side. Then , she sits him up, and starts wacking him on the back. (Mind you, he had just nursed not too long before this journey). He spews up all over himself. So she lays him down, and grabs a suction blub thingy, and tried to suction his mouth out. Meanwhile, he's now turning blue. She freaks - and calls out for "some help over here". I also freak out, and the rest was a bit of a blur in my head. Something like....grab the suction blub, snatch the baby away, sit him up, tilt his head to the side, suction out his mouth, and said " touch him again, and YOU"LL need the help over here". (Also neat to mention was that I brought along my black kung fu uniform as pajamas). The other nurses took the baby, cleared any obstruction..then put him in a table/bed - put a tube down his throat to vacuum out any remaining "stuff" (Lance was very unamused, at this point) - then monitored him for an hour and a half (pulse ox/heart rate/body temp) on a heated bed. For the next hour and a half, Bruce Lee never left his side. When they gave Lance the OK, they weighed him - and then I (myself) wheeled him back to the room. Alicia said that she was gettign concerned, and the nurses had told her that he threw up a bit, and needed to be watched. It's very possible that what happened was a natural occurance, and would have happened anyways. However - seeing my newborn whacked like that, then throwing up - then choking put me into severe defensive mode. When I got back to the room, I was sooo drained. I had a make shift bed, and when I hit it, my lights went OUT. I was awoke around 6am or so, by my darlign wife throwing things at me. (pillows and boppys). She said that baby had been crying (needed fed), the nurses weren't answering the "i need a nurse" button, and she had been callign me with no answer. Let me tell ya, she could have had an air horn, and I don't think it would have done her any good. From that moment on, Ive had an intermittant major headache today (A real one -head throbs and all - not just saying that as a figure of speech).

To give him and I some time together, I kep thim after the inlaws left. We went for a bit of dinner with my mom, and came home to watch Scooby Doo 2. He fell asleep at the end, so I put him in his crib. I've ben racing around the house, trying to straighten this, and clean that. I've done 2 loads of dishes so far (only pots and pans to go). Guess I'll head off to bed. Tomorrow, we'll go for breakfast, and then over the hospital, to check on the wife and baby. I told her that the baby doesn't leave the room with that nurse (without me).

For the next few weeks (maybe months), the wife won't be able to pick up the baby (either one). That means that we'll have to have some help from the family (on nights that I have KF or TKD or JJ class). She won't go back to work till after Christmas. So 2005 is going to be VERY VERY interesting for yours truly. When Im left alone with them , I'll have a 2 yr old and a 3 month old. Oh boy!


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    Good job not splitting the nurse in half...Grasshopper.


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