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Monday, October 04, 2004

Just a quick note

LONG weekend of work, but it was worth it to be able to pay off some credit cards. Wife and baby are home now (they came home on Friday ). I had to work all Saturday, so they spent the day at her mothers. Hope all will be well enough tomorrow night so I can go to karate. Only a wek off, and it feels like forever!

The baby is doing fine now - the first night was total hell. He would sleep only 20 minutes tops - then scream! The dog herd the baby and started barking - I guess her motherly instincts kicked in as well. So far, Logan has been just fine with having a baby in the house. When Lance cries, he'll come drag one of us over to him. I think he's going to be a fine big brother.

Tae Kwon Do test is this coming saturday. Im going to take the next few days to exaluate where I stand on testing. As I stated in earlier blogs - my first test will be an evaluation of sorts. They said they would honor my previous belt status. So the more I can cram for, and learn , the higher I can test for. This also means the faster I can get that black belt - and less money spent in testing. Below Black belt are 2 degrees of red, and 2 degrees of blue. If I can get a few things tweaked, I will test for either low or high blue. Worst case would be 3 belts to go for black. But worth noting is that the tester person will be the kendo instructor that won't let me join his class. I fear that he will be unusually hard on me - 1. cause he don't like me and 2. All but 1 or 2 other people testing for rank will be kids. Make no mistake, i can take anythign this walking hoho can throw at me...but thre's a lot of memorization...I must have things down pat, or I will wait to test in 2 months.

Well - haven't heard from Lance since I sat down - so I'm off to check on the newest Dark Jedi in the family.


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