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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Keeping busy

BABY NEWS: Everythign is going fine. I think I got a momma boy on my hands, though. The new baby is tolerant of me, and will even fall asleep on my belly, but let's face it-momma got the boobs. Which is, in all honesty, a contributing factor in my "daddy" was attracted to her in the first place.

Darth Logan News: I've noticed that I've started to become increasingly less patient with him. Things like: in the mourning, I always change his diaper. Now he throws a tantrum when I try to change it. Can't let it slide, or he'll overflow it. I gotta start taking a step back , and start remembering that he is still a baby himself. He needs to start listening, or we'll end up on a Springer episode when he's 10yrs old...but for now, I think I need more patience.

Additional Logan News: ALERT! The Frigin MOON is missing! IT's Lunar Lunacy!
The other day (almost 2 weeks ago), I taught Logan to say "moon". He loves that word. When he goes outside, he points up and says"mooooooon". Sometimes, at night, I can get him to say "star", but moooooon is his favorite. Exept that there's been NO MOON for over 2 weeks. Rain, cloud cover....even on a clear night, like tonight, still no moon. What's the deal? Im trying to raise the next NASA astronaut here, and the friggin moon is playing gone fishing".

MARTIAL ARTS NEWS: Kung FU is going fantastic. Jujitsu is starting to "flow". On the TKD front, i decided to skip the last test...but attended to video tape it. 2 batteries, and 4 minutes of power between them. That sucked. They said they were fully charged too. But at least I got to se what tht test proceedure was like. 2 forms, and I'll be ready to advance in December. One of the forms is one that I "should" already knwo to hold the rank I do. Better learn that one fast!
Still no word on when the sash test for KF is going to be. Or when the next JJ belt test is. I'm confident that Im ready for the KF test. The JJ one , I know the techniques, but it would be helpful if the sensei would make up a "requirements" chart for us.

Well..that's about it. The Force still flows here.....and in new and interesting ways. Gonna go put in The Last Samurai , get some snacks, and head off to bed. Decent auction on Ebay ends tomorrow mournign around 10am...can't forget about it.


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