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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Trouble in paradice

Not on the homefornt - everythings cool here. But at the dojo..the proverbial shit has hit the fan. The head instructor (only 19 or 20 or so), finally had enough and quit. The second in command is the owners son - son to that pompus ass that hand picks his kendo students. The dojo was formed so the son would have a job when he got older. Currently, it is nothing more than a cover for a day care center. The son is only 13 yrs old, a 3rd or 4th degree black in TKD, and pampered by everyone cause he is the owners kid. The older one finally had it out...I hear it was something about the 13 yr olds inability to teach.....and I can imagine the other issues. Long story short - the head guy left. This means they are in deep shit. The head guy was young - only 19-21, but he was there all day - no skool. The son is 13 , the next rank is 15, and final teacher is 10. They got no one to teach TKD until their son gets home from skool. The answer to this was : a coverup. If wind of this gets out to the parents, they may yank thier kids from the center. The owners decided to put all remaining instructors (all 3 of them) on vacation. I guess they will return from vacation as soon as they find a new Head Instructor.
This has had no effect on the JJ or KF classes......but Im now wondering how much harder the TKD tests will be once a real martial artists is in charge. Until now, test were a cakewalk. But either way, I need to knwo it front and back-----the kendo guy will be gunning for me regardless who is in "charge".
JUJITSU: Been working on things for the next rank. Think I got them pretty down pat. One night, no on eelse showed up, so she showed me some higher leverl stuff....and if was breeze. She even commented on my ability to pick things up. It's just that it flows so naturally.
KUNG FU: There is a newer guy that is lagging a bit behind the rest of us..but seems to have the heart to keep trying. Uniforms are expensive here (around $50 each), and he's been wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Sifu asked when he was getting a uniform, and he said he couldn't afford it. He seems honest, so I scouted out Ebay, and picked him up one. Should be here in a week or so. Just debating on whether to let Sifu offer it to him, or do it myself. I don't want him to feel endebted to me..but if I offer it to him personally, it may promote feelings of inclusion. Make him feel that he's wanted there. I'll figure that one out.
HOME REPAIR: A few years back, I replaced all but one downstairs window. The old ones were single paned glass, wood framed....very old, very cheap , and very leaky. The new ones were double paned, vinyle, fold in to clean, and really nice. Only $100 each from Home Depot. Well..time has gone by, and by an act of fate, I broke a window over the summer, and it managed to be the one that needed replaced anyways. Off to Hone Depot today - $115 for a new window( they went up in price). When I did the others, I bought them out. I checked back, but they never got more windows in. Now..they have more in..but the size is 2 inches taller. They have discontinued the 3ftx5ft i need, and now only carry 3ftx5ft2in. The alternative was a size smaller than what I needed from Lowes - and was twice as expensive. Tomorrow, if weather permits, I'll hack a huge ass whole in the wall(remove old window)....and try to stick the new one in. Got lots of 2x4's to reframe the whole, if I need to. Just hope the supervisors give me room to work ( Logan and the 3 cats).

Well..enough for today.....hope ot post more martial arts stuff tomorrow....stay tuned.


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