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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Cold, hearses, trucks and Ebay

COLD: Well, Darth Logan has regained his positive Force.....unfortunately, Darth Lance now is bogged down with the dark side. Poor little thing has a cold now. We have to prop his head up in his crib, or he becomes very congested. Most of the time he is OK, but when he starts to wheez...the heart sinks, and that "first time parent panic" smacks ya. It's 3am, the baby is couching and wheezing...and you wonder "How bad do I let it get before I rush to the hospital???". We did take him in to a Dr visit...they said it was a cold (they drew blood and said he had a virus). Hopefully, he'll be better soon.

HEARSE: Almost done with the interior structure "stuff". Only 2 more attachments to drill in, and it'll be ready to carry the kids in.

TRUCKS: The wife went ahead and bought a 1999 Dodge Caravan. It's red, with a dvd system in it for the kids (specially the big one that takes up the whole 3rd row....ME!!). I gotta admit, it's pretty nice. Roomy, in very good condition. But, after driving it a short distance, I realized that I was being overtaken by the "got something to prove"syndrome that I hate all other male minivan drivers for. After getting a grip (and getting off of the interstate), I handed the van back over to the wife. I must remember that all cars are not to be driven like my Firebird.

Speakign of the firebird, it looks as if I may have come to the passing of an age. The age of the sportscar. I still need to get rid of the 87 Firebird in the driveway...bad tranny. My 89 firebird is fast, but the damn t tops leak, and flood the rear area every frigin time it rains. Neither can comfortably fit both kids in it....or both kids and the wife if needed. So, it looks as if the wrecked Blazer will be mine now. The insurance company wants $750 for us to keep it. Gonna see if we can talk them down to a lower number. Personally, I've never really liked her truck..but it is nice (good overall condition). And it has the 4x4 button on the dash. The front of it looks so bad after the wreck, that they totaled it. When I finally got all up in it, and pryed the hood open, I found that it's not as bad as the estimated. A replacement hood and passenger fender can be dealt with later, as can the front bumper. It'll be ugly, but things can be hammered out so that they at least "fit" back into place. I was shocked to see that what was needed to "fix" the front (make it drivable), was plastic and glass parts. A quick cruise of Ebay showed me that at worst, I was looking at $350 to replace the entire lighting and grill front of the truck. Worst part will be the radiator, if it need replaced. Advanced wants $230 for a new one. so basically, for between $350-$580, I can fix the truck, and we end up with $5,000 to put towards her new minivan. Pretty sweet deal , if ya ask me. I end up with a family vehicle, the wife gets a new minivan for $2,000. Considering no one was injured (only inconveinenced), and the other driver had no insurance......this seems like a rainbow of fortune. A rainbow, unfortuately, that won't have a Firebird under it once the truck is road worthy. (it's either my firebird, or my hearses......and Im NOT giving up my hearses!!)

Well......I hear the kids coughing....gonn asneak in and check up on them. Catch ya'll later...


  • At 8:35 AM, Blogger Grant said…

    How about nitros for the mini van? I am glad you're going to keep the Blazer. You are a true fiscal conservative. 86 the FireBird and keep the Hearses. Cool.

    I will pray Darth Lance regains his health quickly, In Jesus' name Amen!

    Take Good care of yourself, because your family needs you.


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