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Saturday, November 20, 2004

3am eternal

Here it is...almost 3am, my fever just broke (not a bad one, I'll admit)..but now Im wide awake. Thank God for the internet! When I was a kid, the best I'd have hoped for at this hour was a good comic book. Now we have cable tv stations, internet..all the ingredients for accessing info, even at this late hour.

Lance is doing ok - still gets congested when he lays flat though. Last night, Logan woke up very upset - a nightmare perhaps? Wanted to be held, and took about 30 minutes to finally stop whining, and settle down. He wanted a drink, then cried when I gave it to him. Poor thing just didnt know 'what' he wanted. Tonight, so far, not a peep out of him. It'll be nice when he is a bit older, and can tell us better "what is wrong". At 'almost 2 yrs old', they can't just come out and say " I got a nagging headache" or" wow..what a dream I just had".

I just uploaded 2 pic to the shows Logan putting a paci in Lance mouth. Lance started to cry, Logan dropped what he was doing, picked up the bottle and the paci, and ran into "take care of things". He's a bit forceful, but tried to be so gentle to Lance. I looked over , and he popped that paci right in. Such a sweet big brother. Now if I can keep this warmth going, I may not have to deal with the "He stole my prom date" fight when they are 16! to the kitchen for a snack, and either cruise the web for info, or pop in a movie.

ps. Found a nice hanbo (small, stick like fighting weapon) on Ebay from same people as I just bought a few other weapons from. I think I will wait till the other stuff arives, just to make sure the seller is reliable. BUt the price is only $12, plus $6 for shipping. Local prices are around $25.


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