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Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Ok My first blog entry that's been first typed into a word prosessing program. In all honesty - the problem I had last night wasn't any fault of the blog sites. It was because ofbad reception on the WIFI system I'm using. We’re rearraning the entire house - and my“office” is getting moved up to the attic (finished attic). Until I can run the necessaryCat5 cable up here, it was easier to just use the wireless receiver. Easier, of course, untillthe dropped signal resulted in 30 minutes of typing disappearing like some magic trick.

**Small note to MicroSoft : When you want to delete all the files in the COOKIES folder,what the hell’s with that INDEX.dat file? The very existance of this file makes itimpossible to simply SELECT ALL, and then DELETE.

I have more to write about the complimentary movements I’m discovering betweenjujitsu and kung fu, but Im still cursed with this standard keyboard. I have huge hands,and typing on a standard board makes my fingers hurt! So I won’t be as long winded asusual.(Yeah - right..)

******Celebrated Darth Logan’s 2nd birthday party on Dec 2nd. Invited all the family to PizzaHut, and had a really cute spiderman cake. It was a spiderman face, but the cake wasmade up of cupcakes, whcih made serving much easier than having to cut up a cake.

****Darth Lance is getting cuter by the day.

***The truck still runs, and I have been so broke that I can’t afford gas for the hearse. Really hurtin for money. Usually have tons of Santa work by now, but only havfe a fewjobs lined up. The wife even had to pay the $50 for the baby’s party...that was a bitbelittling for me. But - I have a few jobs booked for the weekend, so soon, I won’t be asbroke.

****Well....time to cut and paste this so ya’ll can read it..


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