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Monday, December 13, 2004

Greetings from the Looney Bin!

Haven’t posted lately for a few resons.....the computer has been moved to the attic, and itgets damn cold up here. Everytime I think that I can slip away for some net surfing, oneof the 2 Dark Lords awakens. Also, Im still using this damn stardard keyboard, and ithurts my fingers to type.
TRUCK AND HEARSE NEWS: The Blazer is running very well so far. The batteryhas started to make a weird hissing noise at times, so I think I’d better swap it out withthe one form the Firebird soon. Gas here has dropped (at some stations) to $1.50 agallon. It was around $2. Now that I got some cash from the weekend, I’ll have to fill upthe tank of the black hearse, and start putting it to use.

WORK NEWS: Actually had some work this weekend. I got to go onto the Navy Base(moonwal job) for a helecopter squadrons Xmas party. It was held in thehangar, withabout 5 or 7 blackhawk looking choppers next to us. Santa even arrived by air. Verysweet. I can’t wait till Logan and Lance get old enough to take along on jobs like this. Iwas raised in Cleveland, so seeing big military stuff up close is very exciting for me. Hope they get the same thrill out of it.

BABY NEWS: Darth Lance has been having his moments of complete adorablness. Darth Logan, on the other hand, has been testing my patience beyond anything I had everexpected. I find that sometimes, Im losing my patience with him. He starts to cry, and Istart to feel like the worlds biggest jackass. This “terrible 2’s “ age is hard on both of us. I must establish boundries for him, but am having a hard time balancing thisresponcibility with the with remembering that he’s still just a baby. I hate to raise myvoice to him, but I also dont want him to be 16, walking all over me, and think “Wheredid I lose control?”. And it’s only goign to get harder in a short while. The wife goesback to work, and I’ll have both of them to contend with. A 2 yr old that likes to pushthe envelope, and a 3 month old that only wants mommy. I’m soooo screwed. If I canjust coordinate nap-times...I may have some hope for sanity.

Martial Arts News: Classes have been going pretty well. Been feeling distant lately. The jujitsu class doesn’t seem as warm as it was....which has a lot to do with myperception of the fellow student. After they blew off my offer for free equipment, I justhaven’t felt much like bonding with them. To make matters worse, I really DO want tobe there for their yellow belt test, but just saw that the Wednesday test date conflicts witha Santa job I have to do. No employees to pass it off on, plus it is a repeat customer thatonly wants me. I feel bad at not being able to show my support for fellow students. Ihope that it is not interpreted as anything more than the bad scheduling it is.Regarding the Kung Fu, it has it’s enlightening moments. The sifu has started to showme a bit more of Leopard style (at my request). The leopard style really tends to “play”with opponents. I just hope that, when the occasion happens, that I will have enoughskill to “play” with an opponent, and not just go for a deadly strike outright. In themovies, they can land 5 or 6 shots each, to test each other. In real life, it may be over in 2 hits. I revere the snake style for it’s deadlyness. Hopefully, I can blend that with theleopard’s playfulness, and end up with a defense style that can both test, play, and/oreliminate the opponent as I see fit.**I went on Ebay and bought a flexible staff. I’ve trained with a solid one, but the Sifuhas shown some really neat things that are possible if the weapon were to bend. If thingsgo well, I’m going to ask him to side-train me with the flexible staff. I’ve been searchingthe internet (and Bearshare) for movie that show the Shaolin monks performing staffforms. I figure this way, if he is unwilling , or more likely, we can’t find time to trainwith it, I can at least start leaning some of the differences by watching the movies.

Well..that’s about it for now. Any quesions? Just ask in the comment section.

PS My Birthday is coming up on the 14th!


  • At 8:59 AM, Blogger CV said…

    Happy birthday!
    And take care of the sons, they really are the most important things in life.

  • At 9:11 AM, Blogger Grant said…

    Happy Birthday also...

    Shelby is 2 years and 4 months and is possesed. She really takes advantage of her mother always and me in public, which proves she knows exactly what she is doing. Dr. Phil does not believe in spanking. I believe a good light pop works pretty good sometimes. Her mother screams at her, which does not work and scares the heaven out of me.


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