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Friday, December 17, 2004


Hold on to your hats, ya’ll.....a $20 tip for Santa now means that a beautiful splitkeyboard is now sitting atop my desk..and I will now comence to type at the speed offright!!
Noteworthy happenings: Yesterday, the day went very well. Had a great day with thefamily - went over to the inlaws for an early dinner, and did a santa job with abovementioned tip. When I was done, I just didn’t feel like going to Kung FU class, so I cmehome instead. Both the babies were still Logan and I played a bit while Lancenursed with Alicia. Then, we started to turn crancky (Logan). He brought in a pillow,and when I layed my head on it, he threw a fit. To make a long story short, I left himtake the pillow, but as he yanked it from under my head, he topped over headfirst in thecorner of the couch (near the floor). We bought a fold out sleeper a while back, and thecushioning on all but the butt part is almost non-existant. He starts to wail like abanshee....I grab him, and then he just drooped. I saw his eyes roll back in his head.....hewas exhaling, and trying to cry, but was just fading. I freaked!! I shook him a bit, called his name really loud, and after about 4 seconds (which seemed like an eternity), he came to, regained consciousness, and started to scream and cry. It was the most welcomed scream and cry I’d heard since the first one he made when he was born. He had a majorgoose egg on his forehead...and we weren’t sure of what to do. Rush to the hospitalseemed a bit extreme...and this is my son were talking about. I’d have had himheli-vacked if I though the needed it. We saw that he had compeltely regained his senses,and had stopped crying after about 3 minutes or so. Then we had a dimelma.....he wasreally sleepy BEFORE the accident, and we were in the proces of putting him to sleep forthe night. Now that we feared that he had a concusion, sleep was the last thing I wantedto allow him to do. SO we played games, and read books for over an hour. We stayedpretty mellow...sometimes really energetic....and we felt comfortable putting him downfor the night. But let me tell you - just about every 10-15 minutes, I was in his room,leaning over him, making sure that he was still breathing. I was a walking zombie bymorning..I dont think I got any sleep. He got up around 4am or so, and came to bed withus..and was very wrestless. But today, he’s been really happy, and very pleasant. We’vetested his memory of names, objects, etc...and he had no trouble recalling anything.
I just pulled up concusions on a google website, and see that it can cause bleeding aroundthe brain. Had I have seen that last night - we’d had taken him to the hospital. You hearstories about people who don’t get proper treament of their kids.....and think “What kindaidiots are they?”. Then something like last night happens....and it makes those otherincompetent parents a little more human. I guess it all boils down to a judgement call. I’l glad we called it right last night.
WALMART RANT: Why is it, when the lines are the most backed up....when the placeis swamped with people trying to check out....I always get stuck behind the dumb asstrailor park people who think the self check out device is some kinda goddamned videogame. “It beeped....DUH! Why do I do next?”. I swear to God.....tonight I was in therebuying some food, had a few things in the cart, and was behind the 2004 award winningmorons on the year. They’d scan an item (I call it to BOOP an item...cause that’s the sound it makes), watch the price appear, LISTEN TO THE MACHINE TELL THEM tobag the item..and hold it in their hands. Then they boop another item, STILL HOLDINGTHE FIRST ONE...and the machine didn’t like that. By the 3rd item, they had to put thefirst one they drop it in the bag, and we all hear “Item not recognized.....pleaseremove it from baggin area.” So they do..then they scan it AGAIN!!! Now they arepissed cause it costs twice as much as it’s supposed to. DUH!!
DOJO NEWS: 2 things to rant about tonight. One is a new Master tha the doj ohired. Anappearant bad ass....holds 3rd degrees in Tae Kwon Do, Tang So Do, and some brazillianart (maybe jujitsu, not sure). I’ve heard nothing but bad about this guy. He comes acrossas some ex marine type. Macho, something to prove. He’s been overheard taking shitabout the kung fu style, and how it’s not a good art to study. I’ve nicknamed him SenseiKreese . He was the bad guy from the Karate Kid movie. Not a big suprise that theasshole owner guy gets along with him so well. 2 peas in a pod, I guess. I’m dying forthe day taht he invites me to join his kendo / iaido class...and I tell him to stuff it.
The second rant is on pain in the ass “ attention seeking” students. New people needguidance...I respect that. But people who have to put on an act, just so that THEY get allthe attention really piss me off. A 30 some yearold version of this stoppped coming tothe KF class.....and has been replaced with a 15 yr old girl, and occasionally, someyounger kids. They (she) is constantly screwing up stuff..that she knows damn well howto do....just so she can get attention from the sifu, and from the other guys (who arewilling to flirt with her). Not only “she aint all that”, but even Jenny McCarthy joinedthe class and did that, it’d eventually get old too. We spend more class time dealing withher than we do learning. The others must find her cute or attractive....cause it’s such anobvious act..but they play along with her.

LOST : Childhood grade school sweetheart. Ok...she’s really not lost....and we neverdated...but she WAS my first real big crush. I went to Saint Stanislaus Catholic gradeschool in Cleveland Ohio. Catherine (Cathy) Grams had to be the ideal epitomy ofperfection in my eyes. Blue eyes..blond hair....sweet -----all except for the fact that shenever seemed interested in me. Friendly, but not romantically interested. I brought herflowers when she was home sick....I gave her candy filled hearts on Valentines Day. Not that I think of it, kinda reminds me of Charlie Brown and that little red headed girl. If anyone know what’s she’s doing now..or has a recent photo...please let me know. She crosses my mind from time to time.

KUNG FU: We did a bit of Wing Chung tonight. Interesting stuff. Hardest part (and Iseem to have conquered this already) is makign both hands move at the same time. SOunds stupid to say that, but most arts, are block...then strike..then strikeagain...1...2...3... Kung Fu, particularly wing chun, send out one hand to block, and theother to strike - both at the same time. More on martial arts comparision - another night.

MOVIE REVIEW: Still haven’t popped in the Return of the king yet. Saw it in the theatres, and was a bit dissapointed. Aragorn should have ended up with the humanchick, but the elf chick gets him (so satisfy female movie goers, and make the moviemore romantic). This did NOT happen in the book. The first 2 movies (particularly the extended versions) kick much ass. Maybe the added scenes will bring me back around to liking this one.
I- ROBOT with Will Smith. LOVE IT! I give it 2 snaps in a circle! It’s a wonderfulblend of Blade Runner, Star Wars, Men in Black, and a few other movie I cant think ofright now.. Mostly Blade Runner. I feared it would mostly be a special effect movie..andavoided it in theatres. But Walmart had it for $15 - so I risked it.

I think I’m going to start carrying around a small Handy Dandy Notebook. I have some really good ideas for topics to write about...and forget most of them as the day goes on.

Oh go along with the “contacting lost friends” theme above...I figured I write afew names down....maybe they’ll coem up in a google search if they type in their own name. Stacy Lee Dick (now married with another last name - New Hampshire). Micheal Davidson and Micheal Elswick (Cleveland Ohio). Donald Morton (Also Cleveland ). Sensei (s) Charles DeLaney, John Campbell, or Marcus Fort. and my new keyboard are signing off for now. Tune in tomorrow for morerants, complaints, or enlightenments.

PS. I've been typing my blog entry with MS word, and using the cut and past feature to get it into the publish box. As a result....Im noticing that every few lines, some words are without proper spacing. With is no fault of mine, or my new keyboard. Sorry for any trouble it creates while reading.


  • At 9:07 AM, Blogger Grant said…

    I am glad to read Darth Logan survived his fall. I was taught if a goose egg appears, that is a good sign. If no goose egg appears, there could be internal brain bleeding. So, I would have done exactly what you did, based on what you observed.

    May the Positive Force be with you...


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