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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The day of my birthday

Celebated my birthday today. Went to Walmart and bought the Extende version of TheReturn of the King. Also picked up I Robot (for me) , and Jurassic park2 and 3 (for thelittle one). Got a suprise early call from a friend I haven’t seen in a while. Met him andhis brother for lunch (with my family in attendance (me, wife and 2 kids)....but thingswent pretty good..Logan was very managable, even though we venture an hour past naptime). Later, we went to Shoguns for steak, shrimp, and all that good “cooked right infront of your eyes” stuff.

Before we left, I checked on the fish tank, and noticed that the temp was down in the70’s. It was usually around the mid 80s. Neither of the heaters seemed to be working. I have recently taken out 3 large slabs of sheetrock, to open up the view a bit. The sheetrock was originally put in for a newt, to have multilevels, and a place to be out of the water. Newt has since passed on, and the rocks are hindering my cleaing of the bottom. I wonder if those rock slabs had anything to do with the water staying to warm. It’s getting really cold here, but the water never got this cold before....even when theoutside temp was colder than now. Anyone know much about fish tank heaters? Or the heat retentive properties of slabs of sheet rock? ( Had to get another heater fromWalmart tonight)

Birthday persents: Got some neat stuff. Season 3 and 4 of Farscape on dvd, The Return of the King dvd, socks, sweatshirt, blue suede button down dress shirt, free lunch, free dinner and a back scratch. Would have liked to have gotten lucky, but the wife is still recovering from some body aching virus thing she’s had all week.

It’s getting cold here now...winter is finally throwing her weight around. I still haven’tgot the house in order...rooms are still a complete mess...but I had to bring in the dog. She’s so timid....I think she is some Austrailia herding dog. Our littlest cat keepsintimidating her, and forcing her into the cold back hallway. Poor thing. On a side note, it’s incredible how that cat and Logan can be like Calvin and Hobbes when around eachother, the cat can be like Garfield when around the dog, and the Logan + Lance combo ends up looking like Pinky and the Brain. Logan is Pinky. At least my like has humor in it!

Well...getting very cold up here tonight. I plan to go tomorrow and buy a split keyboard....can’t stand this standard one anymore. The most frustrating part is that where the backspace key USED to be( to correct all these mistakes ), I now find this damned\\\\\\\\\\\ key. So Im typing....I see a mistake....I go to backspace to fix it, and get \\\\\\instead.

See ya all tomorrow


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