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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas Day 2004

Merry Christmas to all!!


Today was a wondefulday. I’ll start it around 11pm last night. The wife had already wrapped the gifts..cept for one that was buried in the back of the garage. We picked up a Little Tykes workbench last year, on discount , after Xmas. For the last year - it’s been forgotten about in the garage. The kids were all asleep (11pm, present time). The wife went to bed, leaving me watching tv, and laying on the floor in front of the heater. It was cold outside - even colder in the garage. So I layed down there, just to rest a little. I woke up around 4am, and laying beside me was Darth Logan (fast alsleep). I picked him up, ans we both headed off to the big bed. Later, the wife said that she heard Logan crying, then heard me call his name, and he got quiet. When she checked on us, we were both asleep on the floor. I don’t remember a thing.
Around 8am, Logan woke up, checked under the tree, and ran back in the bedroom all excited. We got up, and watched him open his presents. We’re not sure if he was excited about the actual presents, or because we found Spiderman Xmas wrapping paper.
Later, my mom came over, and brought the boys presents. Logan had just woken up from his nap, and Lance was still snoozing. After we finished, we went over her families house for a Christmas dinner. Logan and Lance were in the best of spirits, and amazingly, on the best of behavior too!

Afterwards we returned home, had a small late night snack, and put both babies down for the night. All in all, a wonderfule life (That’s what Im watching on Tv - can’t find my vhs copy, and have been waiting for the tv to show it).

Embarassing moment: Last night, I hooked up an external keyboard to the laptop. I didn’t want to go upstairs, cause it’s cold. When I finished, I disconnected the keyboard, and to my dismay, found that my laptop keyboard was screwed. A numeric keypad had superimposed itself over some letters. Mind you, it was dark in the room when this was happening. I mistakenly thought that the computer had changed the driver from an 88 key to a 101/102 driver. Spent the next 2 hours trying to "fix" this problem, with no luck. Should also mention that the internet connection was down. Today, I opened the keyboard as saw that the letters that wer giving me problems had little green printed numbers on them. It wasn’t malfunctioning - it was a function of the keyboard. I pressed 2 keys, and BAM - problem solved. I felt very dumb. Relielved...but dumb.
The wife is behind me on the phone, tellign her about our little Chewbacca. The wife has a leather belt, with holes the entire length. Logan thinks it’s the bandalier belt that Chewbacca wears. So, when he sees it, he slings it over one shoulder (it’s secured to make a loop), and he runs around the house trying to sound like a wookie! It’s so cute. 2 years old, and already playing Star Wars make-believe ( like I did when I was 7). Warms the heart!!
Well, Im going to finish watching "It’s a wonderful life", get myself a late night snack, and see where I fall asleep tonight.

Merry Chrismas everyone!


ps. I’ve been checking on Miracle Baby ), and haven’t seen any updates whether she made it home for Christmas. I hope no updates means mommy has been busy celebrating with baby! Merry Christmas, Miracle baby!


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