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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Calm day here in Lazy Town

It is hard when you have a certain song stuck in your head all day finally get to the computer and Bearshare...and only 1 person has it. The result is that it'll take 40 minutes to download it. Guess I shoudln't is free. Or it could be worse, like this bunch of Fisher Price songs I cant find online. At the local Walmart, they have a display where you can push the buttons, and hear various songs from various kids oriented cds. Almost picked one up, then thought " This would be the first cd I've purchased in over 4 years". Proptly put it back, and noted to search for them when I got online. So far, no luck.

Still non Xmas lights up - but I did another Santa job today. A repeat customer - nice couple with 3 kids, who invite about 15 more kids (and parents) over for their annual xmas party. This year was as unorganized as usual, but things went well. I used some the tip money for cookies (late Walmart run with Logan to ge thim out of the house for a while). He's such a good boy - I feel sorry for him at times, when Lance starts to scream and cry. Hell, I feel sorry for me when that happens, so I knwo it's got to be hard on a 2 yr old.

I just noticed - Im writing this in the BLOG area instead of in MS word. Also just noticed that it won't allow me to copy, or cut and paste anything from this box. That sucks.

Not much went on today, cept for an early breakfast run with Darth Logan, a santa job, dinner and that run to Walmart for cookies.


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