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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Patience and Strength

If this kid gives to see 3 yrs old, it'll be an act of God. He can b e sooo good - then be unbearable with demonic possession. The other day, I was heading out, and wanted to take him to the store with me. He threw a fit that I wanted to get him to wear his socks and a coat. This game went on for 20 minutes, and ended up with me issuing a final untimatem: Put on the socks - or you stay here. He started throwing a tantrum, so I tossed his cosks down, and said goodbye. WHen I got back, I found out that as soon as I left, his world fell apart. He cried for an hour - even went so far as bringing his socks and coat in the livingroom, and tried his best to dress himself. She explained to him that it was too late..and he just cried. She said that he eventually sried himself to sleep. He'd stir occasionally, and say "dada?". She'd say that I wasn't back yet...and he start crying again. Poor made me feel like a complete heel when I got back. The resulting shockwave of this event was that now I can't leave without him. I tried to go to the dojo tonight....and he baracaided the door, and put his shoes and coat on. He was soo cute doing that......(and he was starting to get really upset about me leaving) that I ended up not going to class tonight. I put him in the truck, and we drove aroung looking at the christmas lights. We ended up at a an Arbys, and split a chocolate shake. When we got back home, the wife had put up the xmas tree. I added 300 twinkle lights, and a santa hat at the top. We can put more stuff on tomorrow.

Son #2 has followed in the footsteps of his big brother, and decided that today was a good day to scream for as long as could , as often as he could. Have you ever been so distracted by noise that we were actually incapable of putting a sentence together? It happened today.

HEARSE NEWS: Today, I cranked the key on the black hearse..and after about 5 rrrr's, it turned right over. I was sooo happy. The nessecity of the hearse has now taken a back burner, since I got eh truck to carry the boys around in. But it's still nice to know that all the time I spent under the hood wasn't in vain.

SANTA NEWS: One last santa gig, and I can put the fat man suit away for another year. Christmas eve, at 7pm. Whenever Logan sees santa, he says " ho ho ho". If it's a photograph, he'll say "ho ho ho..dada". Gotta be hard to pull the wool over the eyes of this one when he gets older.

COMPUTER NEWS: I was at Biglots the other day, and came across a split keyboard, for $10 cheaper than the one I bought at Compusa. I'm typing this downstairs, using the laptop, and attaching the new keyboard to it. I can't belive how much easier it is to speed type when I don't have to worry about my hands cramping up.

MARTIAL ARTS NEWS: Well, the more and more I talk with people, the more I think the new teacher is a major asshole. I already know that there are hard feeling between the kung fu sifu and him, but now the jujitsu sensei says that she thinks there's just something not right in the head with him. She sat in on a brazilian jujitsu class, and wasn't very impressed with him. Some of his techniques were neat, according to her. But his attitude was very unwelcoming. Sensei Kreese is supposivly a 3rd dergree in Tae Kwon Do, Tang So Do, and brazilian jujitsu. All of a sudden, the "new" schedule for the dojo has classes in brazilian jujitsu (no suprise there), but also in judo, hapkido, and muy tai. Seems like the owners decided to make hima master of whatever art they thought would look good on a sales brochure. Shame too - I would have like to learn more judo. If the opportunity presents itself, maybe I'll sit in on a judo class. I'm hoping that this guy isn't as big as asshole as he coems off as ( and Im not the only one getting that impression.

Well, tomorrow is christmas eve. Hopefully, Darth Logan will be able to enhance his calm, and Darth Lance will find some reason to not cry for an hour at a time. If I don't get to blog again before the 25th, I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!


  • At 6:15 AM, Blogger CV said…

    I wish you a Merry Christmas.
    I think around three years all kids is very much trying to see how the parents react. They are testing everything.
    Times goes to fast, soon they are teenagers.
    Today when my sons are 13 and 15 and I hear small children screaming I think it is a nice sound. But I did not think that ten years earlier.

  • At 8:19 AM, Blogger Grant said…

    Merry Christmas from Shelby, Melinda and Grant.


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