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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

FIrst day of "Just the boys and me"

Well, toiday marked the official first day I had with the dark lords alone. The wife went back to work, and we were on our own. I have to say that things went unexpectedly fantastic. Even ventured out to Rally's for an early lunch. The hardest thing that I need to learn to balance is being more interactive with Lance than just giving him a bottle, and putting him down for a nap. With Logan, it was so simple - he was the only baby in the house - and if he was awake, he had my undivided attention. Now, I have to balance my time with both of the boys. Im hoping that the end result will be that Lance will get more time than Logan did at that age. I remember a particular time, after Al went back to work (after Logan) - she came home, and I told her how fussy the baby was that day, and how he cried and cried. I've having a hard time remembering just how interactive Logan was back then, and at what age. Wish I could remember. I don't want to neglect Lance - but I guess to err on the other side really won't do any damage. I don't think that overexposing him to me and his brother will be bad. If anything, it may help to prepare him for dealing with a crazy family.

Logan is such a good big brother - trying to shhhhh Lance when he cries, bringing over electronic toys for Lance to watch, trying to put the babies paci in his mouth when he squwaks. Only problem so far is that Logan is starting to be very VERY physical. He can be so gentle most of the time - but he's only 2, and occasionaly is a bit rough when dealing with the baby. Just need to make sure I keep an extra eye on them when they are together.

On the "potty training" battle - I think the tide is turning in my favor. Logan has never been scared of the potty - quite the opposite. He started wanting to sit on th epotty a few months ago. When he did, he encouraged it. When he lost interest, we didn't push the issue. He's back to wanting to sit on the potty, but he also wants to make it a 3 hour thing. He'll initiate the "potty run" by himself, or will follow me in when I have to pee. After Im finished, he started to yell PEE ---PEE. Then he'll put his smaller potty seat in place, ask for help up on it, and will actually pee. Then he'll reach behind him, flush, and start to get down. That's when the troubl estarts (if you can call it trouble). He turns around, and demands to get back on the potty. PEE. PEE! SO I plop him backj up, and sure enough - he pees again. THis goes on 3 or 4 times, until I tell him this is the last time to pee. He'll finish up, hoop down, then want to wash his hand - which leads to wanting to brush his teeth. Before you know it, a quick run the to john ends up taking me 15-20 minutes. It wouldn't b e such a problem, but now I have Lance to worry about. But every time I start to get impatient, I keep hearing this voice in my head going "Sorry, I don't have to to potty train you, and save me money on diapers" or " Sorry, I don't have tim eto teach you good dental hygiene". Thi svoice, of course, always encourages me to just smile, sit back down on the stepstool, and keep tellign him what a good boy he is. Let's hop ei keep hearing that voice!

Tonight was the first night back after the new year. The jujitsu teacher had a nice class. We reviewed testign material, then moved on to some brown belt level stuff. Even had a new student in class tonight. When class ended, it was over to the kung fu class (already in progress). Worked in impact drills ( strengthening the wrists), then some speed drills. These speed drills were cool. Using these hand held targets, we took turns striking each other (from above, below, and from the sides). We paired off, and one person blocked/one person attacked. The emphasis was not only speed, but also using an open hand to defend. IT was nice to put some of these "moves" into use. It's one thing to practice in mid air, but another to see how effectrive they are in full speed. At one point, it was jut like when Neo was fighting the bad guys in the Matrix, and blaocks many aattacks with only 1 hand. Smoooooth. Only thing about how good the KF class went, is that I'm hoping I don't miss anything "good" on Wednesday when I take the ground fighting cl;ass instead. I just wish that Adam had Tuesday or Thursday nights open. The grappling class is scheduled for these nights, and I would have to miss a KF class to take one. Guess we'll see how it goes. I hope that the grappling class fun and worth the effort. I realized tonight that with regards to the KF, Im like a kid addicted to candy. Each class has some secret to reveal - some enlightenment to take with me. That's why I was rather upset when classes were cancelled.

Well, almost 2am - gotta publish this, and head off to bed. Another exciting day awaits tomorrow -


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