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Thursday, December 30, 2004

No internet from 1am-8am this mourning

It figures -- 1am, Scooby Doo movie ends, I finally get Darth Logan down to sleep, and just
as I sit down to surf the web - BAM - I lose cable tv, internet, business and home phones.
Had to call Cox on my 12cent a minute cell phone. Determined that it wasn’t a billing issue
- now I have to wait till 4pm tomorrow for a tech to come out.

DOJO STUFF: First off - my most humble appologies for calling Adam a yuppie. At the
time, it seemed the best term to describe such a handsome, intellectual couple such as you
and your lovely wife are. A flair for the best that life has to offer - a look that exudes
confidence and beauty - and probably, a sense of being able to see right thru someones
bullshit when they are genuinely sorry, and try too hard to suck up!! Ok - enough of that.
(Side note: I noticed that tonight, Kreese mentioned a few web sites that he could direct us to
- hope he don’t Google us!

Have you ever had a friend that broke up with their boy/girl friend? They hate their guts -
they tell you just what a worthless bastard they were, and all the things that really drove
them nuts! Then - 3 weeks later, you see them back together again. And your’re thinking
“You know, this is the SAME person that failed English 101, and likes to run around the
house in your grandmother’s underwear, singing 80’s rock”. Well - I may have a crow
sandwich being prepared for me. I still say that Kreese isn’t quite right - a weird vibe I get
or something. But tonight, I again got blown off (harsh term - but Im upset that I bothered to
show up, and again there was no KF class) by the KF sifu. He said we’d pick things back up
after the 1st of the year. I left a somewhat upset Darth Logan, and a somewhat upset Darth
Wife at home to come to class - oughta damn well BE class then. But, after our Jujistu class
(in which we worked not only thru our basic requirements for next rank, but also worked on
some handbo stuff), we asked Sensei Kreese if he would conduct class. It was on the
schedule (and everyone looked like they were packing up to leave), but sure enough, he got
suited up, came on the mat, and held class for us. He speaks very fast - sometimes a little too
fast for me to follow. Now if someone were taking about karate stuff - or maybe even kung
fu stuff, I could hang - but the terms he’s using are related to wrestling, and I got no
background (or clue) about what these terms are. “Get in his guard - post yourself - “I saw it
done, but there was still something in my head going “huh?”. Had to interupt him from
time to time to clearify things for my simple self. And poor Adam - Kreese got on a roll
about “I could do this - or I could do that...” and turned Adam into a pretzel! I asked if he
wanted me to switch, not only so he could see, but to give him time to unwrap! Eventually,
he had me twisted all up like a Rolled Gold as well. I’d have to say that, never having
learned wrestling, or very much ground fighting techniques - this class perked my interest. I
have a gap in my fighting style - he has the piece that may fit in it - and I got this killer blue
judo gi I’ve been dying to wear!! (BTW - note to Adam) - I found another judo top, so don’t
rush out to buy one. I’ll let you borrow one of mine long term for the grappling class. I
thought I only had 2, but I found a 3rd one - no use letting it just sit there. AND - I think I
have a sollution to the “Kreese” problem. Next class, or so, I think I will mention that he
resembles Kreese - in looks, in that he has a no-nonsense approach to his art - all business.
This way, he may be flattered, and we don’t look like morons if we slip up and call him
Kreese by accident.

Today, you would have sworn that I got Darth Logan a Mood-Swing set for Xmas. Every
20 minutes, or so, he would go from happy go lucky, to crying and sad. He still is suffering
from that cold he has. I finally got tired of him getting into everything (that he normally
doesn’t), bundled him up, and took him on a road trip. The weather today is very warm,
compared to previous days. The snow is melting, and all you really need to wear is a
sweater or sweatshirt. So, I load him into the truck, make a deposit at the bank, browsed
around Best Buy, went to Walmart for cookies and banannas, then back home. We were
gone for about an hour or two, and he was in fantastic spirits the entire time. We weren’t
home more than 10 minutes, and he wigged out again. Something stupid, like he wanted a
drink, but refused it when we gave it to him. We’d set it down, and he’d fall to pieces! He'd
cry and cry - then fall into my arms, rest for 3 minutes, and look up and ask for - you
guessed it - a drink. Which I would then hand to him, starting the cycle ALL OVER
AGAIN! Nerve racking!! (Ok - im back - Lance was just fussing a bit - gave him his paci,
and he went back to sleep)

Guess that’s about it for tonight- 2:20AM and still no internet. I’ll publish this blog
tomorrow when service is restored.


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