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Thursday, January 06, 2005

3rd day with the boys

Day 2 was going fine until we ventured out to Chikfila for lunch with a buddy of mine. Lance cried so loud hat strangers were coming over and trying to calm him down (realego boost fo rme..NOT), and Logan decided that that was THE day to defy the laws ofhighchairs. He refused to stay in a regular seat, so I got a high chair. This was fine, forabout 3 minutes. Then he had to stand up in it, and then it was holy hell getting him backINTO the seat. Then he just cried for 5 minutes straight. Most of that 5 minutes he wasslumped over the side of the chair drooling. All of which made me look like a completebafoon. I lost it. Yelled at both of them, threatened the bigger one, even snapped at theinnocent buddy across the table from me. I threw all the food into a bag, and we headedback home. Later, I cooled down, and regrouped. What a friggin nightmare that was.
Day 3 was much better. The baby is responding wonderfully at having to deal with me,instead of getting a boob from mommy. Logan is coping well with having to share daddywith baby Lance. As a matter of fact, this mourning marks the 4th day in a row that hehas gone pee pee in the potty. We still have messes in the diaper, but it’s a start. Thismourning, he even went poop! I never thought I’d be discussing anyones poopoos,including my own, but today was worthy of flying a banner over. He dragged the coversoff of me, and kept saying “PEE” “PEE”. Then , when I go thim on the pot, he started tomake those funny grunting noises that he hears daddy make. I started making them too,to half enoucrage him (and half make fun of his impersonation of me), and sure enough --I hear PLOP PLOP PLOP. He looks at me, and says “Uck” (short for ‘yuck’). I assuredhim that UCK in the potty was a wonderful thing, applauded, danced a bit, and evencreated a song of praise, on the spot, for him. He seemed very proud of himself (but nottoo much of the dance and the song I did).
DOJO NEWS: Took another class with Kreese, and call me looney, but Im really startingto like it! Got a learn some neat ground grappling stuff, and even got to do a bit offreestyle with a partner. It’s so nice to finally have someone my own size to get somehands on experience with. No offense to the $250 their parents paid for the test, but I’dwipe the floor with all the black belts (this includes all th frivilous Masters and GrandMasters titles that TKD hands out like they are candy) that this place has to offer. I daresay that at first, I was a bit scared to be the only student to show up for a class withKreese (this is why we decided to make it a ‘pairs’ thing), but I think I will try and attendthe Tuesday and Friday night classes. Tues will be a hapkido class, and Fri is morejudo/grappling/Brazillian jujitsu. Gonna have to see if my including 2 more nights oftraining will effect the home life. Logan usually goes to bed around 8-9 pm, which iswhen the classes start. It may be too hard for the wife to put Logan to bed, with Lancestill crying (if that happens). We’ll see. to bed. My blogs have been a little lacking , due to bad internet connection. I’ve been using the 400 mgz laptop downstairs, cause the 2 gig upstairs gets a shitty wifisignal. I haven’t had time to run a cat5 cable up here yet. I DID, however, get a G wifi router to replace the B I currently have. The range should be extended enough to make adecent connection ( till I get that cable run).
(2am update: Ok - had enough with this friggin suck ass connection - finally took 15 minutes, and ran a 100ft cat 5 cable to the computer. Only was I could publish this tonight)


  • At 8:35 AM, Blogger Grant said…

    Shelby is 2.5 and is demon possessed at times. Sometimes she is very loving. She really takes advantage of her mother all the time and me in public. The other day, I had to walk her around the corner. Then I scared the hell out of her. Five minutes later she was acting out again. It is very frustrating and I pray for self-contol not to hurt her. Pray for me and I will pray for you.

    Remember...Wax on...Wax off...


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