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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Fast entry for Monday night

Well - the boys were fantastic today. The wife had the day off from work , and we spent the afternoon at the inlaws house. Came home in time for me to rush off to karate. Weird stuff there , but things went well. I jumped in the grapplign class about 10 minutes late, and ended up wrestlign for the next 45 minutes (that was cooool). The jujitsu instructor had said she was going out of town, and woudl miss Monday. We did ok though - I think we had the most people in the class ever - figures it was a night the teacher was out of towm. I guided the group, and we had a pretty decent class (I hope). Yellow belts worked on Orange belt stuff - white belts worked on yelow belt stuff. ANd a big thank you to Adam, for helping with the warmup. I kept forgettign what came next, and glanced over to see what he was getting ready to do. Made me look good. The only big suprise of the night was when the kung fu sifu didnt' show up. I hat eto think it, but it IS Martin Luther King day. On the other hand, he may have had car trouble. Who knows.

The weather has turned VERY VERY cold. We had a few days that the temp went up into the 70's! I took the boys to a park to play - we had a blast. Then, Walmart marked all their winter coats (ski jackets) 50% off. The day it turned cold agin, we rushed over there, and got some really nice jackets (for the wife and I). Cool thing is that they are almost an idenitcal match ( in style and color) to the nice winter jacket that Logan has. He went thru a time when he refuesed to wear his jacket - and the only way to get it on him was to tel him is was a Spiderman jacket. (It's red and black, and he LOVES Spiderman). Now we all have Spiderman jackets, and he couldn't be happier.

Well - it's freezing up here in the attic. Time to go back down stairs, pop in a movie, and drift off to bed. The wife goes back to work tomorrow, and it's another fun week of me and the boys.



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  • At 9:57 AM, Blogger Darth Daddy said…

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