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Friday, January 14, 2005

The art of kung fu, jujitsu, and potty training

Kung fu - Skipped class on monday and sparred with a buddy. Glanced over a few times, and saw that the only students attending the KF class were flirty girl and a younger girl. I appreciated the time my buddy took to work with me on a few things -- I also think I only missed being more frustrated at the KF class.

Jujitsu (Japanese) - Despite my suggestion to delay my test, so Adam can test with me, the Sensei thinks that testing seperate would make for a smoother test. She feels Im ready to test, and will do so next Wednesday. It also wouldn't hurt Adam any to have more time to get a better feel to the techniques. I know it would sure give ME a better feel if I had more time! (hehe) Anways, she ordered a belt from the main office, so 'they' knwo Im testing. Only a matter of time to see if the shit will hit the jujitsu fan regarding testing fees. So far, no mention of them. I got to thinking - far be it from "them" to miss out on the opportunity make an extra buck, but only adults have taken the JJ class so far. Could it be that they are overlooking the testing fee because (with the kids not taking it), there's no major bulk population to make profit from? Who knows...

Brazillian Jujitsu: Because of the fuckup of Friday, I blew off class on Tuesday, and didn't take it Wednesday because of lack of a partner. Took KF instead

- again, 30 minutes of Ms Thing gettting her flirt on, 10 minutes of Kung Fu, and 20 minutes of talking and bullshiting. This is gettting old very fast. When he mixes up (changes up) command, Im the only one catching the change, and responding correctly. Which means everyone else does it wrong - this leads to more down time, while Ms thing flirts her way out of having done it wrong, and everyone comes up with 4 reasons why they thought they did it right. The art is there - if we'd just GET TO IT!!! Also, Im noticing things here and there - like the Sifu seems to have a major chip on his shoulder against Kreese (maybe justly so). When he saw Kreese watching our class, and a student said "maybe he's trying to pick up some pointers", he made a comment like" All he'll pick up is nothing". That attitude reminds me of my hatred towards TKD. If it aint MY art - it aint shit. Seems to me that a Sifu is not only a teacher/practitioner - but also an ambassador. Spead the word - open the eyes - freely hand out bits of knwoledge to those who ask. I started to wonder if Kreese may be watching to see "Maybe Im missing something". I personally may be reading WAY too much into this, but if the possibility exhists (and he's not squinting his eyes, and making fun of us), maybe there is room for some enlightenment. Also, the sifu stated a while back that he trained for 6 years, and studied on his own for 6 or 7. While he has a combined 15 years experience (and I don't doubt his training was intense and on point), he really has had only 6 years of supervised training. He made a comment about another person (who had studied for 4 years), and said that 4 years just wasn't enough to be able to teach. I'm thinking "You only got 2 years more than got no room to talk, bud". Another blog I follow had a topic of "do we expect too much from our instructors". I think we do - and I wish they lived up to what he expect. When I think about it, I may not live up to my sons expectations of me - but I sure as hell want them to hold me to higher standards than I do myself. If they extect more of me, I am more likely to strive to be more than I would otherwise. I want my sons to grow up to be the best they can be, and be better men than I am. All teachers should expect their students not just to match them, but to surpass them.


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