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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Saturday Night

Im sorry again for the weird format that the Blog has taken (meaning how the words
appear on the page). THi sis because of me cutting and pasting it from MS Word - for
safety reasons). I don’t knwo why it does this...but I assure you it is not in tribute to T.S.

The heater kicked much ass last night!! Very cozy in the living room, i must say. The
secret was to wait till the kids were in another room, and beat the hell out of the heating
unit. First with vice a screw driver, then with vice grips, then with “Buhhdist palm”
strikes. I was frustrated, but damn if I didn’t fix it! I think that there may have been
some ash/debris blocking the flow of natural gas into the “Fire box”. My rampage must
have loosened it up - and not we got killer heat! Not only did I want the kids in another
room in case things blew up, but also I don’t want them to knwo the secret art of fixing
stuff. This is a time honored mystery of the universe, passed down from father to
son....but only when he is ready. If Logan can’t find the tv remote in time for Blues
Clues, I dont want him to try and “Fix” daddy’s TV with a hammer!

Today was a very nice day - but I did miss a lot of it. This cold is hitting me pretty bad -
not too much of a runny nose, but major nasal congestion, stufy head, and a need to
sleep. I woke up late, and the wife had already fixed the ceremonial mournign waffle for
Logan. Lance was tended to as well. Beyond that...Im having a hard time rememberign
what the hell we did today. I knwo that I tried to wash my karate uniforms, and the
washer is broke again. It’s the freezing temp of the garage that’s doign it. Might have to
bring the washer back int he kitchen. Really have to canabalize mom’s washer for that
workign part soon.
I remember makign a Walmart run at around midnight, for fomula and juice. And that I
foxed dinner tonight - A feast no less---I pulled out al the stops, and made tater tots,
hamburgers, and chicken strips. The ketchup said “fancy” on it, so I served it was well.
Oh yeah - now I remmeber - I took Logan out to the hardware store andbroungt home
lunch! Wow - either Im gettign old, this cold is worse than I thought , or my memory
sucks! We got a $2 C-Clamp to replace the vice seems secure now, and we can
put the from panel back on the heater.

Martial arts stuff: Got to thinking - Kreese is showing us some neat pins and holds
(submission holds) to use in ground fighting. But it all has had a starting point of being
on the ground, and wrestling. Gonna have to make a point to ask for some techniques to
use from layign on the ground, but while being attacked (like being punched).

Jujitsu: I searched a lot of different places, before finding McKarate. One place was a
nice, small dojo of Aikido. I visited their website again, and saw taht (after I decided to
go somewher eelse, due to thier lack of a decent schedule)..they have not revamped their
schedule. Damn. I’m glad that I got to go where Im at (I think). Im happy that we can
learn different arts, and I never NVER would have gone to a Kung Fu skool. THe only
thing Im leary of (regarding akikdo) is that in my experience, Aikido teachers and
students tend to be ----well - passive. Almost to the “tree huggin hippie” extreme.
Aikido uses an attackers energy against them. It resolves the situation with minimal
violence. That’s neat...but there seems to be a lacking “art of the whoop ass” there.
Jujitsu is similar to redirect the persons flow of energy and
end up ok, they end up on the ground...but they may have stuff broken. Jujitsu seems to
give you the option of indusing pain if ya want to. It’s not “against the spirit of the art” if
an attacker (on the street) ends up with broken bones. Just a though.

Well - Think Ill publish this and drift off to sleep.

BTW - Note to Adam _ I found a size 7 lightweight karate gi top (white) at the store the
other day. I’ll wash it (if I can -hahahhaha) and bring it to class on Monday. If it fits,
you’re welcome to it. It’s always nice to have a spare.



  • At 8:40 PM, Blogger Ted said…

    Dude, if flames are coming out of your wall heater. The heat exchanger is cracked. This is VERY BAD. Flames are minor compared with the carbon monoxide leaking into the room. Call the manufacturer of the heating unit and ask for a replacement heat exchanger. It's not hard. It may be cheaper to replace the unit however.


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