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Friday, January 28, 2005

Friday ( 6am-3pm)

I figiured after that last bombshell last night, I’d follow it up during the day (Friday). There
I was last night, really realy late, sitting on the floor in the living room, and I looked over at
our wall heater unit (natural gas powered). It has s small glass window (about the size of a
quarter) where you can watch the fire inside when it’s on. I noticed that there was moire
light than just that quarter. Luckily, the lights were off in the room, or else I might not have
seen it. Turns out there was a seal that was broken, and allowing gas to leak..and fire with
it! Just enough to start melting the covers on some of the electrical wires. And yes, I DID
tend to it before finishing the blog. Of course, as soon as I realized that the heater was
malfunctioning, a psychic impulse was sent to Logan, prompting him to awake...leave his
bed..and require iummediate attention. I kept escorting him back to his bed..and he kept
following me back out. I had turned the heater off - and disconnected the power from it, but
realized that “heat is good”. I ran a space heater for a bout 15 mintues, and saw that it was
goign to be no good ineffective in the room. That meant, fixing the heater if possible. And I
had an idea....(amazingly, I never did like the show Maguiver). If I could gather some of the
excess material (like the part that had a leak, I could create a make shift seal, and use vise
grips to hold it closed. But the grips were out in the garage, on the washign machine (on the
lid - not used to make IT work). This is when Lance woke up, and entered the “How loud
can I cry and scream” contest. Shit! I forgot to mention that he was in a swing not 4 ft from
the newly realized flame thrower. I moved the swing, took Logan back to bved (again),
went to the kitchen to make a bottle. Thi sis when the wife go tup (it’s now around
4-430am) to see what the hell was going on. She had this pissed off look on her face (the
same one she went to bed with), so I told her “I got this” and sent HER back to bed. Got the
baby his bottle, put Logan on the couch, and season 1 of The Dead Zone on the tv. Cept for
the looming dread of freezing to death, life was good. The baby went to sleep after eating,
Logan went to bed after a fight, and I finally got my vice grips. It sealed it up prety good,
but the heat just isn’t as strong as it was. The gas is burning - the tube it very hot - the top
fan is blowing the air over the tube and into the house----but the heat is mildy warm.
Somethign else is wrong. It’s been running all day , and while it’s nice in here - it’s not hot
like it used to get. Gonna have to look online for a new seal, so I can get my vice grips back.

RANDOM THOUGHTS and RANTS: Why is it that the persentage chance of break falling
to the ground “jelly side down” is around 80%. The percentage chance of you spreading a
blanket out (to wrap a baby up in), and having the 1 damn corner with a tag be right at the
top (and you dont realize it untiul he’s already wrapped ) is around 90%.

Never try fixing a major appliance while the tune of “Ask the Koala brothers” is stuck in
yoru head. But I guess better that than Bob The Builder.

If you move to a town that’s named “LAZY town”, don’t bitch when everyone wants to sit
around and do nothing.

Why is it that I can , with extreme clarity, envision my boys turning into Pinky and the Brain
(In action, AND in size). “Egad brain ---NARF! What do you want to do today?” “Same
thing we do everyday , Pinky....plan to take over the world!”

Useless statistics of the day: Number of diapers changed: 6. Number of botttles and sippy
cups prepared: 7 . Number of naps taken : 1 each (THANK GOD!!) Number of hou\r of
sleep Ive had since my late nap yesterday: 3. If we run out of chocolate, Im screwed!

Names Ive thought of to name my next son: Ferris Beuller Frye, or Valken Rothgard Frye.

Ooops - the smaller deamon awakes. Egor must tend to the Master.........


  • At 4:44 AM, Blogger miracle said…

    I hope your not serious about calling your next child Ferris Beuller Frye. Sam wanted to call one of our kids Ernie (like of playschool) and couldn't understand why both sides of the family shouted it down. Scary stuff with the heater, lucky the lights were off!

  • At 1:53 AM, Blogger Darth Daddy said…

    Yeah - Ferris Beuller Frye was a joke. When we first got pregnant, we didn't want to know the gender until it was born. So we prepared a girl and a boy name. We had Logan. Next baby was the same, but we had to come up with another boy name that we agreed on. We had Lance We'd eventually like to try for a girl (down the road a ways)- and if we do, we will again have to think of a boy name (just in case). I fear that we may be all out of really cool boy names.

    But just think of it - can you think of any other name that would have such a great self fulfilling prophecy than Ferris Beuller? (Spiccoli is definetely out of the question!!)(From Fast Times at Ridgmont High)



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