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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Back to safety blogging

Ok safety is on - proceeding with the blog. I got netfucked lastnight - types a 30 minuteBlog, and then “lost” it trying to publish it. Very upsetting. I thought sicne I washardwired, it was safe just to type and send. No more of that.

Let’s see - a brief overview of the other 30 minute blog. I tested for my 2nd color belt in jujitsu (orange belt). About half way thru the test, I gotso winded that I started to gag. Had to take a minute or two break - regrouped, thencontinued. I knew all the techniques, but my endourance (or lack of) kicked my ass. This never happened to me before. Gotta do more cardio. Can’t have that happen again. Jujitsu translates into “ the gentle art”. Well, that gentle art kicked my ass in front ofeveryone Monday night. I still passed, even though I started to gag again at the end (itwas the “the test is let me see if you have spirit, by making you pushyourself” part of the test). If I was the judge, I wouldn’t have passed me. But, Igraciously accepted the belt, and know what I have to work on for next time.

The Kung Fu teacher didn’t show up..and I was the only one there. Odd, Im noticing,that everyone seems to have some kind of psychic “Don’t show up” feeling when Sifudon’t show...and only I am there waiting for class to start. Starting to piss me off. Theykeep making movie references, and still haven’t loaned me a single dvd to watch. Andafter practice, they used to leave the “teachers lockerroom (a closet really) door open,and we’d chat while they finished changing. Lately, after class..they go in, close thedoor, and keep to themselves (the sifu and assistant). When I get tired of waiting for themto open the door, I’ll yell..”Later guys”. They yell goodbye thru the door. Very rude..andvery out of character to how things have been for the past months. So much for “we’reall one Shaolin brotherhood”. That concept seemed to go to shit (and the “A person hasto limit what they study” speech happened ) when I started taking Kreese’s classes, andquestioned a few things in class. I hope Im wrong, but I get the feelign the Im dealignwith a very knowledgable, but very young sifu. He’s in his mid 20’s, and has neverformaly taught before. So he has to think of what to teach, in what order, bla bla bla. Heis a very talented artist in kung fu. But he is disorganized as a teacher. I though ti waspart of a tight nit fellowship....guess Im just the white guy who keep showing up for class. I’ll have to ponder this more when i get time.

Tomorrow is wednesday, and that means jujitsu , and then grappling. Lookign forward toit. I forgot to call the YMCa today to make reservations for the boys tmorrow.......IMUST remembr to call tomrrow, and try it out on Thursday. It’ll be nice to get an hourbreak..and after my failure during the test, I think I’ll focus on cardio instead of weightsat first.

The boys wer pretty good today. I big problem that Im having is unintended time domincation by Logan. I feel bad that the baby spends so much time in his swing (although he loves it). I’ve been trying to spend more one on one time with Lance. BUTit’s gettign really tiring when Logan chews up 45 minutes to an hour, just to get himdown for his nap. And if Lance cries during that process, it starts all over again.It isimpossible to isolate a crying child from the hearing range of a napping one in this house. The lay out just doesn’t permit it. Today, I got a bit loud,,and started yelling at Logan. Istarted to feel that he was trying to dominate all my time, and by not goign to sleepduring “his” hour, was takign time away from Lance. After holding him for 40 minutes,and rockign him, and tellign him to lay down, to close his eyes.......I finally put him in hisbed.. This led to a 30 minute yelling and cryign bout between us...which ended up in abrain dead dada, and an unnecesarily upset 2 yr old. I clamed down, let him out, and hecurled up next to me (and Lance ) on the couch. Never did sleep. Fortunately, we wentto sleep around 7-8pm tonight. On night when he refuses to nap, he gets uncontrolable. It’s started to be manditory that he takes his nap during the day, to prevent theJeckle/Hyde effect later at night. We’ve also noticed taht, for some reason, when he kipsnaps, he doesn’t sleep thru the night. His NIGHT NIGHT time turns into nap time, andhas a short duration. Which means at 4am, I have a fully refreshed 2 yr old that wants toplay, and watch cartoon, and it ain’t happening.

I bought Alien Vs Predator tonight. I watched it seem pretty whoopass...ceptfor some bullshit plot lines. I’ll refrain from posting my problems with the movie, in caseany readers havent seen it yet. Dont’ want to spoil it for ya’ll. I’ll say this.....thepredators look very Jamaican...and they seem to take to the Jamaican female lead. But, itwas only $15, so I got it. I wanted to get “Capt skypilot” or somethign like that, but itwas full price. Not facinated by any of the characters in that one. It’ll wait.

Well......almost time to feed the baby. I’ll cut and paste this..and “Get er’ done”.


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