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Monday, January 31, 2005

Welcome to "HAPPY DAY" !!

I dont have a lot of time to dedicate to detail on this blog, and I really should go into
detail due to the topic...but yesterday I snapped. First, we’d had a bit of a horrible week
with Logan. Not entirely bad, but several memorable moments of open defiance, yelling,
and general un-nice behavior - on both of our parts (Logan and myself). The washing
machine broke (again) - the one side here water went in broke like the other side did, so
we went to the inlaws on Sunday (to do some laundry, among other things). Logan was
in rare form. He threw more temper tantrums than Bob Feller threw baseballs. ANd with
intensity. At one point, when I had had enough, he layed him head on my leg (seemingly
innocent enough) and bit me hard enough to leave marks. I was pissed! I snatched him
up, yelled at him, and put him down flat on the floor. (Controlled - he didnt bang his head
or anything).

On the drive home, the wife and I discussed how bad his temper has gotten, and that I felt
bad about how things were going. One minute Im standing there yellign at a 2 yr old, and
the next, Im envisioning it being 14 years later, and us not gettign along. Scared the hell
out of me. I told the wife that I wanted my little buddy back. I knwo he’s going thru a
change (terrible 2’s and all), but I miss how much I liked taking him places. When he
behaived better. Later, after watching Kung Fu (season 2 - now avaliable on dvd), I
regrouped to realize that it was up to me to not only make a change in his attitude, but
also in my own. Ive often (in criticism of my friends kids) said that kids reflect - they
learn their actions from their parents, and reflect actions, attitudes and belifs back to the
parents. Some parents can’t see themselves in what they dont like about thier kids. I saw
my own anger in my 2 yr old. So....I declared the slate cleaned - and made today
officially “Happy Day”. We did fun thing s- we learned numbers - we worked on fixing a
gate togher - but everythign we did, was happy. When he started to fuss a bit about
takign his nap, I explained that ther ewas to be no crying - after all , it was happy day. “I
want you to be happy - cause I love you”. Sounds corny, but damn if we didnt have one
of the best days that we’ve had in a long time. We got along - when problems arose, I
was able to address him calmer, and keep him calm in the process. Im embarrassed at
having to write this ---I figured of anyone, I was the one who was even tempered, a
model father/mother figure, and really had things in order. But I felt obligated to post
this, in the hoipes that some other poor bastard (like myself) might find himself in the
same situation, and know that there is always hope.

On to the DOJO: Had a nice jujitsu class tonight. Worked on belt level requirements,
and even worked on some ground fighting. It gave us an opportunity to compare and
contrast the teachign styles of Kreese and our Sensei. It was a major eye opener. We
students ended up agreeing that Kreese can’t teach worth shit. A sad comment to make,
when you consider my mecent remarks about the Kung FU Sifu. I fear that I now find
myself placing them in the same boat. Excellent practicioner of their art - but sucky
teacher. I will have to give it some more thoguth ( to make sure that Im just not
reflecting the opinion of my classmates), but I think we may be pretty much done with
Kreese’s classes. And te Kung FU - that’s sad - I saw that Ms. Thing showe dup tonight,
and it was only Sifu, assistant and Ms Thing--and decided to skip class. Let em talk - let
em testify - let em flirt. I got more important shit to do. I think I’ll wait until he gets his
shit together, and starts actually teachign something new....then I’ll go back over for the
classes.That really bites...I enoy the kung fu - just not how the class makes me feel

Well - I have new pics of the babies - got to download them to the computer, and get a
copy for the wife.


PS. I must admit, that I overexagurated when i said the heater was a flame thrower.
Well - it was, but a small one, and not the WW2 type. I will definietly look into
replacing the “heater exchange”, but I think I got it pretty well sealed for now. As a
matter of fact, it’s better sealed NOW then before the problem occured. The wife and I
have agreed that we will use the IRS refund check (hopefully we will have one of those)
to put towards gettign central air installed. Both our parents have even offered to assist
with money to help us do so. Whatever keeps the house from burnign down!

pss. I was very concerned about carbonmonoxide, even before the problem. I have a
detector, usually in the kitchen, that I’ve moved into the living room. Let’s hope, if
there’s a problem, that the detector will catch it in time.


  • At 10:15 AM, Blogger Ted said…

    A CO detector detects well below lethal levels. Often times it'll go off even before you get to headache level exposures. Make sure it's got a fresh battery and you'll be fine.


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