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Thursday, February 03, 2005

The day after Happy Day turned into Crappy Day. But..the following day (wednesday), Logan woke up with a fever. He was a bit cranky most of the day, but did have moments of calm. For the most of the day , he just wanted to cuddle and watch tv with me. Poor dear. I gave him Childrens Tylenol in the morn, and that seemed to help him a lot. Broke the fever in about 2 hours. He was still awake when I got home from the dojo tonight - so I fed him, and he fell asleep next to me on the floor. A little bit ago (1am) he woke up and started crying, but went right back down after I tucked him in. Im suprised he isnt more restless and waking more....but Im glad he can get some sleep.

Having decided to invest in central air, we've decided that tomorrow, we will get a replacement for the faulty heater. Fearing carbon monoxide, and the house catching fire, we're getting a cheaper/smaller heater "till we get the big stuff". Best I found ( for price and installation) is a natural gad wall heater for about $160 at Lowes. $30 for a around $200. Not pocket change for us, but well worth the cost if it prevents our house being torched, or not waking up in the mourning. And, I figure , once we go the central air/heat installed, it wont hurt to leave the gas one installed...for those imes we just want to heat 1 room, and not the entire house.

Dojo news: Ya know, it's hard for me to believe that there are so many people taking martial arts, and so few Bloging about them. I wanted to srat this blog as a journal for my kids to look back on....or just to vent...andnow I feel a bit of a responsibility to mention dojo stuff, cause of the lack of good martial arts blogs Ive found.

Tonight, we had a good jujitsu class. I still have to go over moms, and see if I can convert my old jello wrestling mat into a judo throwing mat. We decided not to take anymore classes with Kreese, starting tonight..but he wasnt there anyways. So, after class, we worked on a few limited moves--very nice learning environment. It also gave us time to explore variations. I looked over, and saw that the kung fu class had kids and Ms. Thang in it,so I decided to skip it. Think I overheard them discussing my discontent at the sifu not showing up for classes sometimes. I admit to not having hears them say anything outright (at laest not to me), but.....In honor of Black History Month...let me say that I believe the pot is not calling the kettle black. Inthis, I mean that sifu and the assistant seem to have this pompous attitude that the study of any art (other than theirs) is worthless. This is he same atitude (mind you) that they critisized Kreese and every other major martial art about. Guess it's just a matter of time before any teacher starts to get a big head.

Here's one for you --- a previous blog I follow asked if we expect too much from our teachers. They are, after all, human, and students of the art(just more advanced). But what do you do when you lose faith, not in the art, but in the only avaliable teacher. It's like KNOWING that math is the universal language of the universe, but having a suck ass math teacher (and he's the only one in town). THis really bites...I want to study kung fu further...but question my sifu's ability to teach. On a broade perspective, it seems it seems the dojo is getting pretty good at hiring artists (martial artists) who are good at their craft, but cant teach worth shit. Thank heaven for Sensei Lang. At least we have one sensei who can not only perform techniques, but also has the abilty to teach them.

Well- thats it for tonight. Gonna get a bottle ready for the youngest prince, and crash for the night.



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