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Friday, February 11, 2005

Back to centre

Ok - finally had a really good night in kung fu. Only me and a little kid were in class, and things went great. Worked on blocking and striking simultaneously. Something that most japanese arts don't teach, or do so in limited capacity. Sifu seemed cool tonight, and there was none of the previous distractions, or feelings of being on the "outside". I found out that while Kreese is gone, he has been replaced...with an even bigger Kreese. Umteenth degree black belt, 60 yr old, traditional to a fault, judo insructor, and the social graces of a barracuda. To add more to the KREESE title, he even was an Airborn Ranger (70-73 specializing in jungle/desert warefare). He has already fulled some feathers. In fairness, gonna have to check this guy out.

The other guy they hired is apparently a superhero. Havent seen him yet, but he's a late 20's black guy who specializes (and is unbelievable at) capierro. It's an african martial art popularized by Eddie Gordo in the Tecken video game. The guy had given a few demos for the students, and Ive heard he's out of this world. I mmay be a moron, (being 34,bad knees, creaking hips, and a hurting shoulder), but THIS guy I gotta check out. I may not prefer the fighting style, but it will definietly give me the cardio I've been lacking. Even the Kf sifu is hyped about taking his class (as a lowely whitebelt). It's always a wonderful trait to see humilty in your instructors. I just realy REALLY hope that things stay nice in the KF class. I love the recommend it to anyone over karate. I just want that "Im a part of something" feeling back.

THE BOYS: Yet another wnoderful day with the kids. Por Lance has some kind of cold or something. No runnign nose, but he's slightly stuffy, and definitely has a raspy voice. WHen he cried, he cried for about 5 seconds before it turned into a high pitch kid of whistle. Almost like a Dinoroar, when you squeeze it too hard. We almost made it out o the zoo today, but it started to rain. Plus, with Lance sick, I figured it best to just stay inside.

Went to eat with the family and my mom for dinner, then headed off to the dojo.

ACHES AND PAINS: Man, i dont know what the hell I did, but Ive had a shoulder ache for almost a week now. Just the topical "got a bruise", or "maybe stretched it too far", but almost a bone ache. It's as if the pain is in the joint, and not the muscle. Only hurts at certain angles...and I can't locate the pain when I use my other hand. Weird. Ive always held the baby (Logan) in my left arm..I wonder if it's the prolonged carrying of his weight, or a recent martial art happening, or what. Added to this, my knees have been hurting like a bitch. The left one occasionally feels like a pin is stabbign in it. The right one has felt a swelled/throbbing pain, like it was hit a few days ago with a baseball bat. Can't I just get a friggin cold like other people?

Well that about it for now. Had a Hungry Man it's time to blog hop, and head to bed. I got me a nice spot here in front of the fireplace, a few kitties to keep me company, and Darth Lance sleeping in the baby swing next to me (the wife said it's the only plae he'd fall asleep at).


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