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Sunday, February 06, 2005

All's well on the western front

Had a very nice day. Woke up beside the heater/fireplace. Logan was curled up next to me, with his spiderman blanket over him. The wife made a small breakfast, then headed over the inlaws to visit (with Logan and Lance). I headed over to my mother's house. She has an old washing machine in her backyard that we never threw out, and I canablized the piece I needed to fix ours. Went to lunch with her, and the time really flew. No arguments or anything. It's been too long that we've been able to just talk, and not agrue.

I also picked up some covered foam from her garage. I used to manage some girls, and we'd do "female jello wrestling" at a local bar. The interest dried up, and I still had this makeshift "pit", made of high density foam. It more than paid for itself, and I've always feared throwing it out, cause I knew Id need it for something. Well.....seems that it'll be perfect as a throwing mat for the jujitsu class. It's a bit dirty, from age and being in the garage, but I figure if I throw a tarp over it, it'll be just like new. I hope I can get it looking nice for really cheap. Then the non-jujitsu people can eat their heart out. And if they ask if the dojo can use it, I'll offer to donate it - in exchange for 1 years worth of free tuition. Don't mean to sound stingy, but it's a shame when you get the same lame ass story about items being "backordered", and they never come in. Throwing mats, training items, 3ft long name it. All on "backorder".

To account for the day, I spent time with my mom, cleaned her garage a bit, fixed the washing machine (and washed 5 loads of laundry!), didn't blow up the house (hurray!), got the foam for a thorowing mat, didn't blow up the house (I know - I know...but after that last time, Im really proud not to have done that again), and put the baby and Logan to bed. I think I've accomplished a decent amount for today. Time to eat, pop in a dvd, and see what tomorrow has to offer.

DVD ALERT: The first season of Miami Vice is coming to dvd Tuesday. Seems like has the best price, when balanced with all the good reviews they have. I found 2 places cheaper, but people gave them shitty reveiws. Maybe it really IS all about the "O"? heheh



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